YouTube introduces new gestures in the application.Going to the next video is more convenient

YouTube introduces new gestures in the application.Going to the next video is more convenient

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YouTube's mobile application, both in the Android and iOS version, is on the list of the most frequently downloaded.By all means, one of the most important Google services for mobile devices.Therefore, YouTube users can count on frequent implementation of new functions.In the latest version, the creators focused on improving the convenience of navigation.

The application update introduces new gestures that allow you to move faster between films on the playlist.This also applies to automatically selected videos with the function of auto -success.

Thanks to the update between the movies, you can switch with a shift gesture to the left to go to the next video or shift to the right to go back to the previous material.Until now, users could use the arrows displayed on the screen.Therefore, the change does not introduce a completely new option, but makes it easier to move quickly between the materials placed on the playlist.After withdrawing to the previously watched movie, the playback will start at the same time as it was completed.

YouTube wprowadza nowe gesty w aplikacji. Przejście do następnego filmiku jest wygodniejsze

It is worth noting that this is not the first implementation of gestures in the YouTube application.For example, by watching a movie in a vertical orientation, you can minimize the player with a gesture.

The novelty will be shared with next users this week.The holders of Apple devices will be first updated.In turn, in the case of Android, be patient - Google did not provide a specific date of implementation of gestures.Interestingly, not the first time iOS users were treated priority by Google.A company that on the official website depicting the best smartphones for watching YouTube does not mention any iPhone, even the top XS Max model.

The latest version of the YouTube application can be found in our catalog.It is available on iOS and Android.


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