5 Must-Have Android Apps - Part 65

By Chrisfugiel

The Play Store is a treasure mine, but finding useful applications or well-made Android games is quite a challenge. Therefore, every Friday we share our finds and news from Google Play, with a special emphasis on valuable and useful tools that are worth having at hand.

Lingors - learn Korean from scratch

Price: PLN 0, advertising, optional subscription. Download from Google Play

The huge popularity of the Squid Game series has attracted more interest in Korea and the Korean language. Therefore, this week I propose an application that will make learning the language easy and fun. The app consists of simple exercises that introduce more and more twists into the repertoire. Learning will take a lot of work as Lingroy introduces speech, listening and writing at the same time. It is also worth having a notebook on hand to practice learning the unusual alphabet used in Korea. You must complete a knowledge test after each phrase chapter.

Interestingly, you can learn at Lingroy by paying a subscription or for free by watching ads every few exercises. You need to log in to learn - otherwise the application will not save your progress.

Supershift - an easy calendar for shift workers

Price: PLN 0 for arranging the calendar, PLN 36.99 for sharing. Download from Google Play

Arranging a calendar with editorial staff is a nightmare, which is why I recently started looking for something easier to use than Outlook. The recently updated Supershift caught my eye, where I can prepare shift templates and easily mark the days when I start work at the indicated time. You can also prepare a permanent rotation scheme here and generate hourly reports. You can also calculate your wages based on the number of hours worked and include the workplace and breaks in your shifts.

In addition, the calendar can be exported in various formats. You can both add all changes to the calendar you already use, as well as print the plan from a PDF file. This pleasure costs less than PLN 40 and is a godsend for people who arrange graphics.

5 aplikacji dla Androida, które musisz mieć – część 65

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Google Find My Device - Never lose your phone again

Price: PLN 0 for a trial lesson, the next ones according to the price list. Download from Google Play

Google Find My Device is an application that facilitates the use of the device location service connected to your Google account. You can use the same functions here as on, but it's more convenient on a small screen:

The described service is part of the Play Protect program. You don't need to install the app on your device to report the location of your phone or watch to your Google Account.

LeafSnap Plant Identification - and you already know whose leaf it is

Price: PLN 0 with advertising, optional subscription. Download from Google Play

It promises to be a nice weekend, and this is always a good excuse to take an autumn walk and watch the colorful leaves. LeafSnap uses artificial intelligence to identify the plants from which these leaves may come. The application requires you to take a photo of the leaf and on this basis it searches for similar objects and suggests which species it may belong to.

It is not the end. LeafSnap can also identify flowers, fruit and tree bark. There was also identification of potted plants, which can help keep them in good condition throughout the year. There's even a watering and fertilizing calendar here. The app has no identification limit, but you do need to spend a moment advertising each time you use it.

eWork - the government helps you find a job and gain knowledge

Price: PLN 0. Download for free from Google Play

ePraca is a new application of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, intended for searching and browsing job offers and courses. It is the same database that can be found on the website, but in a form that is easier to view on the phone. The ability to filter offers and announcements based on your current location is also important.

You can add interesting offers to your favorites or share with friends. Each of them describes the requirements, remuneration, and contact details. In addition, there is information about webinars and training courses conducted by local employment offices.

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