Bestcena is back.They cut thousands of Poles, but apparently they are allowed

Bestcena is back.They cut thousands of Poles, but apparently they are allowed

Beast.pl, i.e. the store that rented smartphones, instead of selling them, returned.Moreover, they admitted that they would continue to operate in the same business model.

Beast była swego czasu sklepem z najniższymi cenami telefonów.Many people were tempted to buy without reading the regulations carefully.It showed that the devices are not really sold, but rented.The store came undergoing tax office, which was the beginning of problems.

W pewnym momencie Beast była zmuszona zawiesić swoją działalność.Many people ordered phones, transferred money, but never received the ordered devices.The store was covered by tax control through which their accounts were blocked.

Beast wraca i nadal mami regulaminem

Ultimately, the store did not operate for almost the whole year, until now. Kilka dni temu na profilu Beast.pl on Facebook, the first entries appeared, which shows that the company's activities were resumed.

Beast powraca. Nacięli tysiące Polaków, ale najwyraźniej im wolno

As previously announced, we are coming back. Uruchamiamy platformę Beast.Pl, wanting to invite everyone to familiarize yourself with our current offer.This is just the beginning.

- we read in one of the entries.

W kolejnych wpisach Beast.PL openly admits that it will continue to rent equipment for an indefinite period.The company is covered by the desire to care for our environment.It is not about that the phones are cheaper, but about recycling.

When creating a circular economy model, we had in mind not only the financial aspect, but also attention to nature and real pro -ecological activities.There is only one earth.We care about the future, where value, such as environmentally friendly life, is neither complicated nor expensive.

- we read in the next post on Facebook.

Nadal przestrzegamy Was przed korzystaniem z oferty sklepu Beast.pl.It is also worth noting that the company is registered in Great Britain and there is no contact number given.This itself should light a safety lamp in their heads.In addition, on the store's website in the "Business Model" tab we can clearly read:

One of the models we use is PAAS (product as a service) in which customers do not have equipment, but instead receive subscriptions for the service package, for which they pay a regular fee of PLN 25 gross per month.

Dlatego, jeśli chcecie faktycznie kupić telefon i móc go potem sprzedać dowolnej osobie, to lepiej trzymajcie się z dala od Beast.pl.

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