Christmas gift?Choose it with us and win in the competition

Christmas gift?Choose it with us and win in the competition

Christmas is a time of closeness, sharing good and...gifts.Thanks to the kindness of the guide partners, you can not only choose gifts, but also win on the last page of the text.Just a little motivation ;-)

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Before we get to the Christmas guide, we also invite you to our cross -sectional thematic guides, where we recommend M.in.The best equipment to buy in Decembertwenty21:

Audictus dopamine Pro - change the noise in music: from 235 PLN

Audictus Dopamine Pro is a wireless, in -ear TWS headphones.One of the biggest advantages of this model is the presence of Anc, i.e. the technique of active reducing external sounds.Thanks to this, you can completely devote yourself to music, forgetting the hustle and bustle around.

These are TWS headphones, i.e. truly wireless.They connect with other devices using the Bluetooth 5 module.1.The maximum range of operation is up to 15 meters, so you can walk around the house with Audictus Dopactus Pro without worrying about losing the connection.The manufacturer has also prepared a low delay mode, which is to be dedicated to players.Thanks to it, the sound from your favorite games immediately reaches your ears.

The headphones have a transfer band in the range oftwenty Hz totwenty kHz, and the impedance is 32 OHM.They are made of ABS and aluminum.An interesting and convenient solution is to control with small, touch panels.The set with the device includes a charger in the form of a case.By default, Audictus Dopamine Pro withstand 4 hours of continuous playing, but thanks to the wireless charger, this time extends to up to 16 hours.

TP-Link Deco X68-Fast Wi-Fi Mesh network throughout the house: from 1549 PLN

People who live in large houses or apartments know that providing a fast Wi-Fi network in each nook of its corner requires an appropriate solution.One of them is Deco X68, i.e. the Wi-Fi Mesh system from TP-Link. Urządzenia te możemy łatwo łączyć ze sobą, zwiększając zasięg sieci bezprzewodowej do 510 m2 przy dwóch jednostkach i do 650 m2 przy trzech.The advantage of the system is that our device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or anything else) will always be connected to the unit that will allow it to use the network with the best parameters in a given place, and switching between them is completely transparent.Importantly, the system can be expanded with any Deco routers.

Deco X68 is a homemade Wi-Fi router 6th grade AX3600.We have three networks at our disposal, two in the range of 5 GHz with a speed of up to 1802.2 Mb/s and up to 1201 Mb/s and one in the range of 2.4 Mb/s with a capacity of up to 574 Mb/s.This gives a total of 3.6 Gb/s.3x3 MU-MIMO and OFDMA technologies are also responsible for high network performance.All this allows you to provide a stable connection for up to 150 devices.

The TP-Link Deco X68 router is powered by a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and is equipped with two gigabit RJ45 ports.The device also provides intelligent Homshield protection, which includes protection of IoT, QOS devices, parental control and comprehensive reports that allow you to maintain control over the Wi-Fi network.And all this is enclosed in a tasteful roller -shaped housing.

Prezent na święta? Wybierz go z nami i wygraj w konkursie

For easy configuration and network management created using Deco X68 devices, the Deco application is used, which we can install on a smartphone or tablet.The Deco unit can also be paved with a loudspeaker with built-in Alexa, which allows you to control the TP-Link device using the voice.

Samsung Galaxy with Flip3 5G - telephone with two calculations: from PLN 4299

Are you looking for a smartphone other than all?Galaxy from Flip3 5G is a model that tempts with an accessible equipment for this class of equipment, with a solid and elegant construction and great technical parameters.

The complex Galaxy smartphone with Flip3 5G has dimensions of 86.4 x 72.2 x 17.1 mm and depending on the color chosen, it should hit women's and male tastes.The lavender version will appeal to ladies, while the black model looks like an intriguing gadget for every fan of technological innovations.The manufacturer has also prepared a beige and green version.

In each of them, attention is drawn to the excellent workmanship - Samsung connected the Galaxy with Flip3 5G of the Gorilla Gorilla Glass Victus and Metal STOP ARMOR ALUMOR ALUMIMINUM..The improved hinge will withstandtwenty0,000 deviations, which is enough for 5 years of daily use.

On the housing of the complex Galaxy smartphone with Flip 5G, the eye also catches the external screen Super AMOLED 1.9 inches and a resolution of 260 x 512.The user can see an hour, date, battery condition, notifications, and activate sliding widgets (e.g..music, alarm) and camera preview.

After unfolding the Galaxy from Flip 5G turns into a completely different smartphone, reminiscent of moderates and convenience of operating flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphones.It has dimensions of 166 x 72.2 x 6.9 mm, so it is flat and is great in the hand.Dynamic AMOLED 2x main screen with a 6.7 -inch diagonal, Full HD+ resolution (1080 x 2640) and 120 Hz refreshment impresses with colors, and bending resistance provides a coating of flexible PET plastic.

Inside this thoughtful design, a very efficient Snapdragon 888 chipset is placed, accompanied by 8 GB of RAM.We can get two variants of UFS 3 internal memory.1 - 128 GB or 256 GB.Such connections ensure enormous performance, guaranteeing high comfort of working with applications and in the most demanding 3D games.In them and while watching movies, the advantage will also be great stereo speakers tuned by AKG.

Samsung Galaxy folding smartphone with Flip 5G is also the best communication functions - it allows the use of a 5G network and a very fast LTE KAT.twenty.There were also Wi-Fi 6, Volte and Wi-Fi Calling, Bluetooth 5.1 or NFC.

Pictures will be taken with the rear pair of cameras - the main 12 Mpix (OIS, F/1.8, 1.4 µm pixels) or 12 Mpix (f/2.2, 1.12 μm, 123˚ pixels (f/2.2).The manufacturer took care of a rich set of photographic and video options, night mode is great, and the films delight with very effective super steady stabilization.You can take selfie photos with rear camera (using an additional screen), although of course we also get a separate 10 Mpix front camera.

The 3300 mAh battery with charging 15 W should provide the whole day of work, and all manages Android 11.The announcements are already the latest Android 12 with the One UI 4 interface.0, so in this case the user will enjoy a new and efficient smartphone.

Thule Subterra 34L - backpack for years

Price: PLN 729

If you like practical gifts, you will certainly quickly like Thule Subterra 34l.In theory it is a comfortable laptop backpack, but in practice it is perfect as a travel bag - just in time for a trip on New Year's Eve in the mountains or a quick weekend outside the city.

The Thule Subterra 34L backpack is packed with practical solutions.We have here, for example.A special reinforced partition for transporting a laptop (maximum 15.6 "), the option of opening both from above and from the side, and even dedicated pockets for tablet and other necessary accessories.

Ba, the manufacturer even thought about a special clothes cover, the so -called."Packing Cube".Why is this such a nice solution?First of all, because the clothes stored in it will not be broken so much in transport, so we will miss the questionable pleasure of looking for the iron quickly as soon as arriving at the hotel or guest house.Secondly, because we can unpack them quickly and immediately move with a light backpack to explore the city.

Tenda TX9 PRO-Wi-Fi 6 Router with Premiumcena quality: from PLN 259

Tenda TX9 PRO (also available under the name RX9 PRO) is a two-band Wi-Fi 6 router, which was created to build an efficient wireless network at home or office.The device supports a 160 MHz strand and a fast 1024-QAM transmission.This translates into the total data transfer speed of 2967 Mb/s: up to 2402 Mb/s in the range of 5 GHz and up to 572 Mb/s at 2.4 GHz frequency.Standard 802.11AX includes, among others, OFDMA and MI-MIMO technologies, thanks to which many devices can use a fast, stable connection of Wi-Fi at the same time.The efficient 1.6 GHz dual -core processor with 3000 DMIPS operating capacity also ensures that it is possible..

TENDA router is equipped with four FEM modules with independent signal amplifiers that work with four external 6 dbi antennas.Thanks to this, the wireless network signal can reach further, even through the wall.To prevent the negative influence of radio wave interference from other networks, tenda TX9 Pro uses BSS coloring technology.In turn, TWT (Target Wake-Up Time) technology allows the router to manage the power supply of connected devices, extending their battery power supply time.

Tenda TX9 PRO allows you to secure access to the network with the WPA3 protocol, and also supports the IPv6 protocol.The device offers the possibility of creating a network for guests, there is also parental control, Wi-Fi schedule and filtering of network access using a white and black list.For configuration and network management, an extensive web panel and an easy -to -use mobile application are used.The latter allows you to have an insight into our network from anywhere in the world.The router has a gigabit WAN port and three LAN ports with identical bandwidth.

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