Exactly 10 years ago, Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone.A drama was taking place behind the scenes

Exactly 10 years ago, Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone.A drama was taking place behind the scenes

Exactly 10 years ago, on January 9, 2007, the world of technology stopped his breath.Apple presented something groundbreaking at the Macworld conference.

REKLAMAApple prezentuje dziś iPhone'a. Jest to kombinacja trzech produktów: rewolucyjnego telefonu, iPoda z kontrolą dotykową i przełomowego urządzenia służącego do komunikacji przez internet, z klientem e-mail w klasie stacjonarnej, przeglądarką internetową, wyszukiwarką, mapami. Wszystko to w jednym, lekkim urządzeniu mieszczącym się w dłoni.

- Apple wrote in a press statement.He also put a quote from his guru:

iPhone to rewolucyjny i magiczny produkt, który wyprzedza inne o dosłownie pięć lat.

In a statement for the press we could read that the iPhone is equipped with a "delightful 3.5 -inch screen", it has the ability to play video purchased in iTunes, whose library contained...250 films.

Jobs's poker face

The press message for the press did not reflect what was happening at the Macworld conference stage, and basically behind her backstage.Jobs, as he did, put in front of him and his colleagues an extremely difficult task.The backstage of the first presentation of the iPhone was described a few years ago by Fred Vogelstein, a Wired magazine journalist.The publication has become the canvas of the New York Times article.

Steve Jobs presenting the first iPhone fot.Apple/YouTube

To the surprise of his engineers, Steve Jobs decided that he would present all the functions of the new phone - one by one.He also insisted that, unlike the standards at that time, the viewers did not watch his finger moving on the iPhone screen.He did not want to show his hand closer, he demanded that what was displayed on the iPhone screen would also be displayed on the screen.

The company's engineers spent weeks on placing a special system and cables at the back of each of the iPhone.Connected to the projector, they displayed what Jobs does.When he touched the calendar icon, his finger did not appear on the screen.The effect was magical.The audience felt as if she was holding an iPhone in her hands as if she could have it.

Waiting for a disaster

Dokładnie 10 lat temu Steve Jobs zaprezentował pierwszego iPhone'a. Za kulisami rozgrywał się dramat

Jobs, presenting a groundbreaking iPhone, basically used a prototype that barely worked.The iPhone was able to reproduce only part of the song or video file.It was impossible to restore the whole without a suspension.If you sent an e-mail first and then started surfing the network, everything was fine.When you exchanged the order of these activities - not.

The smartphone was to go on sale only in half a year, and the list of cases "to be repaired" extended.There was not even a production line, the first hundred iPhones were full of copies of different ways.In many of them, the housing did not fit the screen, and the software caused only problems.

Steve Jobs calls the iPhone designer fot.Apple/YouTube

Apple tricks

The iPhone delighted the audience, lit the imagination of journalists around the world.If only they knew that the device is barely working...

Radio modules in the presentation iPhones were so unstable that they had to be connected to external antennas so that the signal had to cover a smaller distance.In addition, a connection had to be hidden from the audience - among 5,000 viewers, there could be a genius that would overcome WiFi security.Simple hiding the name of the host could not work.Apple decided that during the presentation it will use the Japanese Airport module.Operating on other frequencies.

The company even modified the code responsible for displaying the signal force.With Jobs's consent, he always showed "full range".

Hardly anyone noticed that Steve Jobs behaved a bit like an artist in the circus during the presentation.Efficiently...juggling.There were many phones.Everyone ready to present a different function.When there was no memory, Jobs got information that he had to change the phones.The presentation took place using another device, and at that time it was first restarted.

Grand Final and a great drama

Behind the scenes of the presentation, a real drama took place.Andry Grignon, an engineer responsible for the action of show devices, waited for everything to collapse.

He was afraid that even if nothing happened during individual presentations, something would definitely go wrong in the "Grand Final".Jobs planned to present the most important iPhone functions launched one after the other.On the same phone.He wanted to play music, call, turn on the waiting connection mode and make another phone call, search emails, photos, internet and return to music.

Mieliśmy tylko 128 MB pamięci w tych telefonach. To ekwiwalent dwóch tuzinów dużych zdjęć cyfrowych. A ponieważ wciąż nie ukończyliśmy pracy, większość naszych aplikacji była po prostu spuchnięta.

Grignon confessed years later.

The drama also took place in Apple.Work on the iPhone was so nervous and comprehensive that many people left the company while preparing or just after the presentation.

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Today, the phone interface seems natural.It is hard to believe that when working on the iPhone, Apple considered coping the interface with iPod.How would history go if the first iPhone looked like the recording below?

Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer on October 5, 2011.

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