How to track down the number?Here's how easy you can check, who called

How to track down the number?Here's how easy you can check, who called

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This is a key question that people ask themselves who do not want to answer phones from strangers.There are several possibilities that can increase our chances to find out who is calling our phone number.Check the most popular methods.

Where do they get our number?He could have been sold to advertisers by shops or social networking sites (e.g..In 2018, Facebook confessed to this).Another popular option is simply its theft or adding from public places such as.known auction platforms.

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The result is that various telemarketers offering M will call us.in.famous pots or ordinary fraudsters impersonating the bank or persuading to install the overturned photovoltaic installation at overstated costs.For this type of database, numbers also have access to e.g..debt collection companies, which, depending on the circumstances, can look for us rightly or wrongly.

The network is full of various websites offering even geolocation of numbers, but these are simply a fraud that draws money from us for a report that has nothing to do with reality or enrolling in a paid SMS service.

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The only solution that can provide such information is only the so -called.False base stations professionally called IMSI Catcher.However, these are reserved only for services and have a limited range of operation.

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Polish portals

The only thing we can count on are portals that allow you to verify (not always) the interlocutor or company to which the number belongs.Most give you the opportunity to evaluate the number and write a short commentary, but some require a small fee for the report, where the company owns the number.

Examples of these websites:

Foreign entities

From foreign entities, it is worth mentioning Truecaller and Sync.me.These websites have a much larger database than our local options, but they acquire this data thanks to the requirement of access to contacts assigned to a given Google or Microsoft account.

Mobile applications

A much larger selection is among mobile applications, which are a lot.The mobile editions of TrueCaller for Android (HERE) and iOS (HERE) are worth recognition, Whoscall is also available on Android and iOS with a base containing billion records and, unlike TruecoLler, can work in offline mode.The third option is the Showcaller application showing the names and photos of people who call and quite efficiently blocking spam.

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Meanwhile, from our local yard, it is worth paying attention to the application unknown android number (download from here) and whose number is it?on Android (download here).


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