New 5G offer in Lajt Mobile.In what plans and for how much?

New 5G offer in Lajt Mobile.In what plans and for how much?

From now on in Lajt Mobile, access to 5G is offered in plans with the largest number of the Internet, i.e. in subscriptions with a 300 GB package.

A new 5G offer has started in Lajt Mobile.The one belonging to the company Telestrada S.A.The brand uses the Plus infrastructure, so 5G is also supplied thanks to this operator.This means a theoretical speed of up to 600 Mbps in the TDD 2600 MHz band.

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5G in Lajt Mobile - in what plans?

Lajt Mobile has launched access to the 5G network in offers with the largest number of the Internet, i.e. in offers from 300 GB.The first is the NO limit L subscription for PLN 44.99 per month.For this amount, the customer receives a 300 GB internet in two cycles - day and night, 100 and 200 GB, respectively.Now you can also use these packages in 5G.In addition, the network offers unlimited voice connections as well as SMS and MMS messages.

Nowa oferta 5G w lajt mobile. W jakich planach i za ile?

The second way to 5g in Lajt Mobile is the choice of offer only for mobile internet.In this case, the network also offers 300 GB broken down into 100 FB day and 200 GB night, and the monthly cost means an expense of PLN 39.99.

Orders for 5G offers can be easily placed using the website of the Lajtmobile.pl operator, but you have to take into account an additional activation fee of PLN 29.If you choose a contract in an electronic version, the delivery of a new SIM card from Lajt Mobile is carried out for free by Poczta Polska.You can also choose paid options - parcel machines or courier.

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