Samsung abandons Tizen in favor of Wear OS. Now it remains to wait for the new Galaxy Watch

Samsung abandons Tizen in favor of Wear OS. Now it remains to wait for the new Galaxy Watch

Jakub KarpowiczMobilePosted on: 29/06/2021 15:16

On Monday we could see the first effects of cooperation between Google and its Wear OS 3.0 and Samsung and their One UI Watch overlays.

The premiere of Galaxy Watch 4, which will work under the Google system, and not Tizen like its predecessors, is getting closer. Yesterday's premiere of One UI Watch, i.e. Samsung overlays on the wearable device system, only confirms this.

Samsung's presentation at MWC 2021 confirmed our assumptions about rather subtle changes to One UI compared to the original Wear OS. Samsung, however, strongly emphasized that the goal was not to create a new platform, but to adapt the current one. During the speech, we learned that Samsung is proud of 3 milestones.


One of the biggest problems with Galaxy Watch models so far has been the lack of most applications, even the most popular ones. Even if you found one, it had less functionality. Wear OS with One UI Watch has access to the Google Play store, where there are already hundreds of applications.

The video clip above also shows that the One UI Watch overlay is not too far from today's Wear OS look.

Phone-watch synchronization

Samsung put the greatest emphasis on the development of One UI Watch on the synchronization between the phone and the smartwatch. This synchronization, in addition to what we already know from the Tizen system, is to offer the cooperation of installed applications, similarly to the Apple Watch. This means that by installing the application on the phone, the same one is installed on the watch, of course, if it is available on Wear OS.

Samsung also showed how call blocking on a phone or watch is transferred to another device or how time zone synchronization between devices works.

Dial design

Samsung is ditching Tizen for Wear OS. Now it remains to wait for the new Galaxy Watch

The last point is probably the most important for owners of Tizen models. It was feared that the availability and quality of the shield after Samsung's switch to Wear OS would be poor. Responding to these concerns, Samsung unveiled a new set of software to create new dials. It looks very simple and should be intuitive enough for anyone to create their own shield.

Unfortunately, it is not known whether this tool, despite its simplicity, will be generally available or restricted to approved designers only.

I must admit that the closer to the premiere of the new Galaxy Watch, the more convinced I am to the idea that it's finally time to replace the existing Gear S3 Frontier, which has its glory days long behind it.

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