Samsung Cloud will turn off the synchronization of files and photos from the gallery

Samsung Cloud will turn off the synchronization of files and photos from the gallery

Samsung announced that he would disable the synchronization of some data with its cloud in 2021.So you have to prepare for evacuation from Samsung Cloud.

End of file synchronization, contacts will remain for now

Samsung has established cooperation with Microsoft and many services will be moved to the Microsoft cloud.Therefore, Samsung Cloud's own services will be gradually turned off, including Gallery Sync and Drive.

Users' data will be permanently deleted in the second half of 2021, so we have a lot of time to move to another cloud.Samsung would probably be happy if the data were transferred to Microsoft OneDrive, but no one forces anything.

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Samsung Cloud wyłączy synchronizację plików i zdjęć z galerii

Interestingly, Samsung will disable services in different countries at different times.Poland and other European countries, as well as the United States, Australia and New Zealand are in the first group.

From October 5, Gallary Sync and Drive will stop working in these countries.Until then, Samsung will provide us with tools to easily transfer data to Microsoft OneDrive and the ability to download all files.Automatic migration will be possible until March 31.From April 1, you will only be able to download a copy of the data.The data will be deleted 90 days after downloading or 90 days after the service is turned off, planned for June 30, 2021.

The second group got a similar plan, delayed by a month.

Samsung is not planning to disable synchronization of contacts, calendars and notes with its cloud.Notes are waiting for a bright future thanks to the connection with OneNote and refreshing in real time on other devices.

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