Goprers were looking for a tourist for half the night. They found him in a surprising place

Goprers were looking for a tourist for half the night. They found him in a surprising place

A tourist from Kielce was lost in the mountains

An ordinary trip, the aim of which was to conquer Luboń Wielki, upset the nerves of the friends of a 38-year-old tourist from Kielce. On Sunday at approx. At 17:00, the man unexpectedly disappeared from the eyes of his friends, because he separated from the group. The team thought the 38-year-old had just descended faster and was waiting for them to return to where the cars had parked earlier.

But that didn't happen. A tourist from Kielce disappeared like a needle in a haystack. In addition, friends could not contact him, because he did not take his phone with him. When all other search possibilities for the 38-year-old Kielce resident had been exhausted, his friends decided to notify the emergency services. Rescuers of the Podhale Group GOPR received a report of the 38-year-old's disappearance.

Policemen found him in...

Gopr's men immediately began searching for the missing man. Since night was coming, police officers from the police station in Rabka-Zdrój were also involved in the search operation. Many hours of attempts to track down a tourist from Kielce lasted for several hours, and in total over 30 people were looking for him. In the meantime, uniformed officers also checked the monitoring, surrounding hospitals, guesthouses and ... hotels.

Gopro hunters spent half the night looking for a tourist. They found him in a surprising place

And it was during the checking of accommodation that a 38-year-old tourist from Kielce was doing the search. Police officers found out just after midnight that the 38-year-old simply returned to one of the hotels in Rabka-Zdrój and went to sleep. Of course, nothing dangerous happened to him, and he came to the overnight stay safe and sound.

How to call for help in the mountains when I don't have a phone?

This situation clearly shows that it is always better to have a mobile phone with me in the mountains to be able to call for help in case of emergency. However, what to do when we do not have a cell phone with us or there is no coverage? A flashlight or whistle will come in handy. Rescuers can be notified by sending 6 sound or light signals per minute (at 10 second intervals). After a minute's break, repeat the cycle and the response should be 3 beeps per minute, every 20 seconds.

If we notice an approaching helicopter, then we can also signal the need for help. You should then set the silhouette of the body in the shape of the letter Y (arms stretched up). If we do not need intervention, we signal it with the silhouette of the body set to the letter N (one hand down, the other up). It is worth noting that it is better not to abuse calls for help, because rescuers must respond to every call, and at that time they may be really needed by someone.

He got drunk in the mountains and tried to go down the trail with chains in the Tatra Mountains. A TOPR helicopter intervened and the police headquarters of TOPR received an unusual report. Tourists informed the rescuers about a 40-year-old man who, under the influence of alcohol, was arguing and trying to go down the trail with chains. A helicopter took part in the action, and the toprowers were helped by police officers.

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