The watch system of Samsung and Google presented. Well, sort of

The watch system of Samsung and Google presented. Well, sort of

In mid-May, during Google I/O 2021, a new operating system for smartwatches was announced, which was developed by Google and Samsung and which is to combine the greatest advantages of the Wear OS and Tizen platforms. It was expected that Samsung would take care of the full presentation of the software during MWC 2021. However, it ended not so much with the presentation, but with a rather laconic teaser.

Samsung announces One UI Watch, but does not reveal too many details

The Koreans focused on their overlay, without even revealing the name of the operating system itself, which is still called only "a new, unified platform". Unofficially, it is said that the software will debut as Wear 3.0, but these reports have not been confirmed.

Samsung and Google watch system unveiled Well, as if

Did Samsung show at least the appearance of One UI Watch? Only partially. During the show, there were only a handful of animations revealing the appearance of the activity monitoring app ...

... or a new app grid that is clearly inspired by the Apple Watch interface.

In fact, it is not even officially known whether the interface of the upcoming Galaxy Watch will be operated using a rotating ring, as was the case with its predecessors.

So what do we know about One UI Watch?

Samsung revealed that the "new, unified platform" in combination with the One UI Watch overlay will provide:

So far, there's more to the obvious than to actually revealing the veil of secrecy.

Watches from the Galaxy Watch 4 series - according to unofficial reports  — will see the light of day on August 3. Then we should know all the details.

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