What will Xiaomi 11T be?The manufacturer opened the secret

What will Xiaomi 11T be?The manufacturer opened the secret

Although the presentation was scheduled only on September 15, Xiaomi a few days before the premiere began to publish the first teasers on the 11T I and 11T Pro functions.

Xiaomi 11T: What do the Chinese prepare?

Promotional materials published by Xiaomi show that the main distinguishing features of the new will be:

According to earlier leaks, Mi 11 will be armed in:

Jaki będzie Xiaomi 11T? Producent uchylił rąbka tajemnicy

New smartphones are to have one more important distinguishing feature.

Xiaomi 11T has the promised 3 large Android updates

The manufacturer already promises that the upcoming smartphones will get an update to Android 12, 13 and 14.Safety patches are to be released for 4 years.Samsung or OnePlus already offer a similar support period for some smartphones.

At the same time, Xiaomi stipulates that "the availability of updates and functions of the Android operating system may vary depending on the device and the market" and "many other factors".

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