What would happen if all Chinese smartphones disappeared from Poland?

What would happen if all Chinese smartphones disappeared from Poland?

As you probably know, the Lithuanian government has issued an official recommendation for buying and using Xiaomi phones, and more broadly - all Chinese smartphones.According to the local National Defense Ministry, these devices can censor content uncomfortable for the Chinese government, especially related to Tibet and Taiwan.In Europe, tracking functions are to be turned off, but Xiaomi is to be able to turn them on at any time.The company, of course, denies everything, while Lithuania consistently encourages to stop buying Chinese smartphones and throw away their already.Hearing this, I began to wonder what would happen if all Chinese brands evaporated from our market in one night.

To cię zainteresuje Lista smartfonów Xiaomi i Redmi, które dostaną Android 12Tak się kręci rynek smartfonów, czyli co będzie następnym Xiaomi?

What would the smartphone market look like without Chinese devices?

Some time ago I wrote a text for you in which it shows that there are several brands of smartphones on our market, but only a few companies producing them.What would happen if the equation remove those that have their roots in the People's Republic of China?Well, the matter is not so obvious.First of all, it's worth seeing what would happen in stores.We do not have accurate market data here, but we can take the estimations of the Canalys agency, which companies like to brag about, and which relate to how many smartphones have been sent to the store for 2020.

You can see here that in the case of only the top five, 50 percent.All smartphones sent for sale come from Chinese manufacturers, and this combination does not include such manufacturers as Realme, Oppo, Vivo or OnePlus.If we were to count that the only smartphone producers in Poland are Samsung and Apple (the market share of Sony and Nokia is so small that they would not affect these estimates, about which in a moment) it would come out that if we had removed all Chinese brands one day, it was from store shelves from 62 to 69 percent of smartphones, depending in which the quarter would do it.

Co by się stało, gdyby z Polski znikły wszystkie chińskie smartfony?

Of course - we are talking here about arts, not about the variety of models, because in some price ranges users would only be with one choice option, or - at all without choice.On the market, we would have an overparty flagship models - Galaxy S, Apple iPhone or Sony Xperia mainly focus on 3000+ price shelves.As for telephones for 1000-1500 PLN, users would have only a few devices to choose from, mainly Samsung from the A and M series, Nokia devices (which I think about them you have written here and here) and maybe something from HTC.The variety on the market would therefore be negligible and unless I am in favor of giving people a false choice (mainly in the context of having 30 submramers), the lack of competition leads to an increase in the prices of miserable innovation.I am far from saying that Chinese brands save the smartphone market, but their removal from day to day would also affect consumers negative.

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You can see here that Sony and Nokia have a market share of 1 percent., therefore I did not take them into account.Counting the last data from August 2021, non-Chinese brands have about 39-40 percent on our market.A large part of this is Samsung phones (which the previous data does not return).If we would like to get rid of Chinese brands, we would have to throw 60 percent.smartphones we use and at the same time - we would have 60 percent.Less pieces to buy in stores.

I am afraid that if we would like to make a maneuver suggested by the Lithuanian government in our country, such a maneuver would be simply...unworkable.Chinese brands constitute too much percentage of devices for them to get rid of them overnight.What's more - you can see that the market also does not quite want such changes, because when Huawei was removed from the radar, the place after it was replaced not by Apple or Samsung, but by Realme and Xiaomi.

Would you see our country without the presence of any brand from China?

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