Whatsapp boom since November: Messenger is completely disabled on many devices

Whatsapp boom since November: Messenger is completely disabled on many devices

Switch to a supported device. Several WhatsApp users received this message on November 1. You can find out if you're affected by the shutdown here.

Mountain View - On the last weekend of October, the clock doesn't just switch to winter time: a day later Time change October 31 Major change to Messenger WhatsApp As a result, there will be long faces on Monday morning (November 1). Facebook's partner will stop supporting some operating systems. WhatsApp will no longer work on many smartphones.

"As of November 1, 2021, WhatsApp will no longer support phones running Android 4.0.4 or below," Messenger wrote on its website. Only Android 4.1 and above are supported. WhatsApp turns off the lights on smartphones running older versions .

WhatsApp will end support for certain Android operating systems on November 1

Facebook prevents old devices from reaching the market leader among messaging services because old operating systems are noisy inside-digital.de It will have a very high probability of being attacked. It is said that after the closure, Facebook wants to ensure the security of the application and the privacy of users.

Whatsapp bang since November: Messenger is completely disabled on many devices

But what exactly does this mean? According to the token, WhatsApp users can no longer create a new account using the operating systems mentioned; It will no longer be possible to re-verify an existing WhatsApp account. The technical portal wrote: "WhatsApp itself can still receive messages, and in the worst case they will not be displayed on the device.” WhatsApp itself does not write anything about the consequences for those affected in its short article on the Support-Aus website.

WhatsApp no ​​longer works on Android 4.0.4 - affected people can do it

Affected users should therefore check if a newer OS that still supports WhatsApp is available for them smartphones - or quickly search for a new mobile phone. "Switch to a supported device or save your chat history before that date," WhatsApp advises on its website, but gives no details on the end of Android 4.0.4.

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The easiest way to find out what operating system is currently running on your mobile phone is to go to the device settings - usually in the "System" or "About phone" submenu. Here you should also be able to check if your smartphone supports newer versions of android. Good news: loud chip Only 0.04 percent of all Android devices currently use version 4.0.

WhatsApp: Android users are looking for - no changes to the iPhone

with iPhone from Apple By the way, everything remains the same at the beginning of the month: WhatsApp support ended in May after an update for all Apple operating systems older than iOS 10. It is (for now).

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