Where is the storm? The best online storm apps and storm radars

Where is the storm? The best online storm apps and storm radars

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Where is the storm? This question is often asked in the summer season. In order not to be surprised by a dangerous situation, it is worth following storm radars and current weather reports. Both applications and other tools available online will help with this.

Where is the storm? Online storm map

With the arrival of summer, storms will intensify, so when planning a longer stay away from home, it is worth getting acquainted with the current messages in advance. Weather forecasts are usually prepared in advance, and summer storms can surprise. That's why it's a good idea to track storm maps and radar online.

On the IMGW website, we can get acquainted with the forecast of precipitation and storms for the next few days, and current messages and storm alerts can be found on the IMGW profile on Facebook.

IMGW is one of the most reliable sources, but sometimes information is added with a delay. That's why it's also worth checking online storm maps that use live satellite imagery.

Online storm maps allow you to track current weather information without the need to install additional software. The most popular of them are:

The best storm apps

Gdzie jest burza? The best storm apps i radary burz online

Storm and weather apps are a convenient way to stay up-to-date on current messages. Most of these types of programs allow you to set personalized notifications so that we can receive weather updates in places of interest to us.

Storm Monitor is the most popular solution that allows us to track current weather information collected by numerous weather stations. The application allows you to see e.g. a detailed map of precipitation, lightning and wind strength information.

Storm Monitor storm21


In the Storm Monitor, we can also set active notifications, thanks to which the program will send a warning when a storm approaches our area. In our opinion, an application with RSO messages will be much better for tracking current weather warnings.

RSO - Regional Warning System is an official application informing about messages issued by the Provincial Crisis Management Centers (WCZK). It not only allows you to track the current threat from storms, but also provides information on other meteorological, hydrological, road and water hazards.

RSO - Regional Warning System

Other programs for the home

Powyższe aplikacje mogą zostać uzupełnione o inne narzędzia pogodowe, jak 1Weather: Weather czy AccuWeather. Te programy pozwolą nam sprawdzić prognozy pogody (zarówno krótko- jak i długoterminowe), a także zyskać dodatkowe informacje np. na temat indeksu UV, ciśnienia atmosferycznego czy godzin wschodów i zachodów słońca.

AccuWeather local weather


Other noteworthy applications are for sure:

The first two offer similar functionality to the Storm Monitor, so it's best to just choose the application that suits you best. Storm Radar: The weather map features full-screen, interactive maps with a radar view. In addition, it warns about severe weather conditions in real time and offers weather forecasts for the next few days.

Where is the storm? If you follow our tips, the weather will not surprise you. Remember that storms can be very dangerous, so it's always worth being prepared when planning a longer stay outdoors. Also, do not underestimate IMGW messages and adjust your plans to the current weather situation.


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