Xiaomi introduces clipboard sharing. At last!

 Xiaomi introduces clipboard sharing.  At last!

Xiaomi is known to update its phones regularly. Stable, monthly versions bring patches and / or new features to the MIUI system. In September this year, a new version of the original overlay premiered - MIUI 11. It provided many novelties such as dark mode, new, adaptive font, AOD improvements, super-energy-saving mode, etc.

The MyDrivers.com website informs that one of the next functions to appear in the system is the function of sharing the clipboard between the phone and computer.

Xiaomi and clipboard sharing: what is it about?

The user will need the Xiaomi cloud client installed on the computer. Importantly, the function will require logging in to the same Xiaomi account on both devices.

Xiaomi wprowadza dzielenie schowka. Nareszcie!

A copy icon will be added to the lower-right corner of the keyboard. After clicking on it, the user will be able to copy and paste the content to another & hairsp; - & hairsp; device just like we copy and paste e.g. text between Android applications.

I am glad that the producer wants to facilitate the transfer of content between platforms. Many times I have sent text to my computer via e-mail or Messenger, simply sending it in a message and then copying it from the computer. Needless to say, it's moderately comfortable.

Therefore, splitting the clipboard will brilliantly facilitate work on two devices, in accordance with the system slogan - "life becomes easier". I just hope the option will not be limited to text only. And if so, I will count on its expansion in the future.

The function is not yet available, but knowing MIUI I predict that its appearance is only a matter of time. MIUI 11 is quite fresh, so I think it will be implemented in this version.

Although no specific plans for future releases are known, the company's general plans for the development of the system are already known.

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