Android and Windows 10?This should be like that for a long time.Here is my favorite application functions Your phone

Android and Windows 10?This should be like that for a long time.Here is my favorite application functions Your phone

Synchronization of the clipboard between Android and Windows 10

The latest application function Your phone allows you to launch the synchronization of the contents of the clipboard between the devices connected in a pair.This applies to text, pictures and files.Unfortunately, if you do not have a specific smartphone model, you will not use the new products being introduced.Thanks to the Microsoft partnership with Samsung, because special access to the clipboard requires the integration of the manufacturer's service, the list includes such smartphones as Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy from Flip.The update for older devices should extend the list supporting the new function.

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SMSs and notifications on the computer

While working on a computer.In the Apple Ecosystem, SMS messages or conversations received on the computer are already standard, and now it is possible thanks to one application on Windows 10.Although initially SMS synchronization was a bit unreliable, now everything works as it should and I added your phone to applications starting with the system.Thanks to this on the computer I also see all incoming notifications - IT -recommended on YouTube, I can ignore you without looking at the phone.And all this works even without a common Wi-Fi network.

Voice talks on a computer with Windows 10

The same principle as above applies in this position.Receiving and conducting talks on the computer, i.e. the lack of need to reach for the phone is a lot easier and convenience, to which I used to use the MacBook very quickly.Finally, the same activity is possible on a computer with Windows 10, which is paired with an Android smartphone.

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Android i Windows 10? Tak powinno być od dawna. Oto moje ulubione funkcje aplikacji Twój telefon

If you work on documents, sheets, websites, graphics, video or audio, or actually do any activities on the computer, then frequent detachment from them can be annoying.Especially if you just look at the screen to find out who is calling or collecting the connection to refuse the telemarketer to participate in the new promotion.All this can be done from a computer, finally.

Pictures and files from your smartphone in the Your Telephone application

There are many ways to have access to photos (and various other files) from a smartphone on a computer.One of them is using the Google photo service, so that a backup of all photos and graphics is made in the cloud, and you can harness other services such as Google, OneDrive, Dropbox and many others to all kinds of files..The right application on the computer downloads them to a disk, so there is even no need to locate them and download them from the cloud, because they are waiting for us on the disk.However, this means that sometimes data is sent that we will not use at all.Another way is to send files each time using different tools, including messengers or e-mail.

The alternative is the Your Telephone application, which allows you to download specific files from memory, which we view without violating any structure or using data transfer (which is important if we do not use Wi-Fi).In many situations it is quite useful, and certainly very comfortable.

You can download your phone with Google Play and Microsoft.

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