Proximity BLIK available in Alior Mobile, but not yet for everyone

Proximity BLIK available in Alior Mobile, but not yet for everyone

Contactless BLIK debuts in another bank. This time, Alior Bank introduced this solution to its mobile application. Its users, although not all of them, will be able to make settlements more conveniently at payment terminals, both in Poland and abroad.

Contactless BLIK is not yet available to all Alior Bank customers. The new service will be used by a selected group of Alior Mobile application users, whose total number is over 704,000. First of all, customers who have the Alior Mobile application installed on their Android phones will be able to see the advantages of the new Blik function.

Blik's latest solution will significantly speed up payments in brick-and-mortar stores. All you need to do is unlock your phone and touch it to the POS terminal - no need to log in to the application and generate a six-digit code.

Contactless BLIK available in Alior Mobile, but not yet for everyone

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How does BLIK contactless payment work?

Paying with BLIK contactless requires one-time activation of the service in the Alior Mobile application. You also need to permanently enable NFC and active screen lock (unlocking the smartphone with a PIN or fingerprint or face biometrics). In the process of activating the Proximity Blik, you can set it as the default form of payment.

A user of the Alior Mobile application who wants to pay with Blik contactless does not have to launch it and generate a code. It is also not necessary to have a payment card and connect it. The service will work even when the client has no mobile network or Internet access. All you need to do is unlock the phone and bring it closer to the terminal.

Importantly, thanks to the Mastercard technology, this payment method is available not only in Poland, but also in any contactless terminal abroad, which is marked with the logo of this organization.

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Text source: Alior Bank

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