Experts answer questions about Huawei."There is no evidence that they are spying for evil purposes"

Experts answer questions about Huawei."There is no evidence that they are spying for evil purposes"

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The dispute about Huawei, which has been extending for several years, has a technological and political dimension.The tarnished reputation of the Chinese concern makes you ask questions that those who are considering buying this equipment should answer. Wiele z nich zawiera się w Q&A przygotowanym przez redakcję portalu Android Authority.

Q: Does Huawei spy on me through my phone?

A: Huawei almost certainly follows how to use the device - but every company dealing with smartphones does it.Smartphone manufacturers want to know how often you unlock your phone, how often you charge it, how often you open specific applications, etc..so that they can use this information to create better products.Do not be afraid, however, that Huawei actively monitors you especially for evil purposes.There has never been any evidence to support this claim.

Q: Can my phone suddenly stop working completely?

A: You don't have to worry about that.Although your phone will of course not last forever, Huawei will not "break" your device.You can use it as long as it is physically possible.

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Q: Will my phone still receive Android updates and security corrections?

A: This is a tricky question.If you have a Huawei device without Google, which has been launched after June 2019, you will still normally see Android updates and security corrections.In fact, Huawei has a plan to implement EMUI 11 (based on Android 10).However, if you have a Huawei phone with Google services launched before May 2019, the Huawei blockade prevents the company from issuing the future updates in the future.Despite this, Huawei confirmed his commitment to provide corrections and upgrades, but there are no long -term guarantees.

Q: Can I transfer my applications and data from the Huawei phone to another brand smartphone?

A: Yes.Many companies offer applications and services that they do, for example Samsung and OnePlus.Remember that some data forms and some applications will not be available on different devices, but almost all data will be successfully transferred.

Q: Can I install Google applications on the Huawei smartphone?

A: You can download Android applications for Huawei and many of them will work properly.However, many known applications use something that is called Google Play services.This Google product will not be available in the new Huawei phones.There are several methods that have been used to successfully load Google Play services for Huawei, but they are unofficial, they may potentially damage the phone, do not guarantee long -term operation and potentially expose the device to safety threats.We do not recommend using it as a feasible solution.

Q: Will my Bluetooth headphones, game controller or other accessories work with a huawei phone?

A: Yes, prawie we wszystkich przypadkach.Huawei devices still work on Android, and Bluetooth is a multi -platform service, so everything should work as expected.Of course, it cannot be said that each device will work perfectly, but almost everything should work.

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