Surprise for the Xbox Game Pass subscribers!

Surprise for the Xbox Game Pass subscribers!

Microsoft has prepared a great surprise for the Xbox Game Pass subscribers!Users of consoles, PCs, as well as those who play in the cloud will benefit.

The Xbox Game Pass is supplemented with many great games every month.There are even more thanks to the merger of EA play, so no subscriber should complain about boredom.Not only that, Microsoft can also surprise with unannounced games.

Quake from 2021, a refreshed version of the iconic hit, has just hit Game Pass.The refreshed version of 2021 will be used by owners of Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PCs and cloud users.

Niespodzianka dla abonentów Xbox Game Pass!

Quake II and Quake III Arena were also available in the PC version.The most interesting, of course, is the refreshed version for the latest consoles, which got improved graphics, new missions and multiplayer mode.

If you want to feel the nostalgic memory of the past years, then the quake will be a great choice.The next moments can be even more intense in the console game, because in the console version open beta diablo ii Ressurected!

Remasts are a hit of recent times that show how great games were created years ago.People who grew up with them can feel like they again, and players fighting them for the first time can experience an amazing adventure.

Source: XGP.pl

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