Google warns against installing services on Huawei equipment.He is not saint himself

Google warns against installing services on Huawei equipment.He is not saint himself

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Huawei products released after May 16, 2019 in the light of the law cannot use Google Play services.Some smartphone owners such as Mate 30 are trying to install Google applications on their own.According to the company from Mountain View, this is not the best idea.

Donald Trump tried hard to hinder the life of a Chinese company and its fans.Starting from May 16, 2019, all new Huawei devices cannot use the Google application, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube or Play Store.It makes smartphones practically useless.

Google warns: Installing Google application from unknown sources is dangerous because you don't have a certificate

So you can install these applications on your own device.Android allows it, so this is what many Huawei call owners do, which Google himself noticed.In the entry placed on the company's support website, Tristan Ostrowski tries to convince users not to do it.However, his arguments are at least poor.

Google ostrzega przed instalowaniem usług na sprzęcie Huawei. Sam nie jest święty

In the mentioned post, Ostrowski informs, or rather warns that installing applications on a smartphone from unknown sources is dangerous.The devices do not have a Google certificate, so they are not protected by Play Protect.He also claims that application installation files can be modified, and among them may be mallowed.

Google scares against dangerous applications, and those in the Play store are okay?

By reading Ostrowski's entry.On the one hand, it's hard to deny that installing applications with unverified sources may probably be dangerous.On the other hand, Google is not holy either.

I will probably not make a lot of mistake by writing that on average every two weeks we hear about more malicious applications removed from the Play Store.In total, in 2019, Google blocked access to its market as much as 790 thousand applications.On February 20, another 600 disappeared, which was downloaded in total 4.5 billion times.

It's nice that Google is trying to ensure the safety of Huawei smartphone owners.It is a pity that he is not able to guarantee it to its users.Not once in the Play store there were applications that allowed to spy on, steal data or display full -screen ads impossible to close.


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