Do you have a Huawei smartphone?See how to optimally use the possibilities in it

By Chrisfugiel

People buying a new smartphone are usually not particularly interested in applications installed by default on the device.It is largely due to what programs manufacturers pre -installed on smartphones in recent years.Times, however, change, and the place of useless versions of the demo of games, tools and other types of crapware uninstalled by the user from the place after the first start of the phone is occupied by real use applications.Let my smartphone, Huawei P30 Pro, serve as an example.The base for the Huawei ecosystem is the Huawei Mobile Services mobile service package (such as a mobile cloud, motifs, browser and store with Huawei Appallery applications).The ecosystem is based on the technological layer - HMS Core, which includes a number of solutions like ID Huawei Authentication, Huawei Push, Huawei IAP, Huawei Adds.You already know that I regularly visit Huawei Appgalllery in my smartphone in search of new applications.If not, be sure to click on the link and find out everything about how well a shop with selected and safe applications works and how attractive promotions can be found in it.What are other services and what their use looks like?

ID Huawei, i.e. the key to all services

The Huawei identifier can be called a kind of pass to...making your life easier.After registering with ID Huawei using the e-mail address and password and logging in, the Huawei phone user gains the possibility of free access to the application range that makes the use of a smartphone more pleasant.This is obviously not all.ID Huawei is an excellent protection for the smartphone against unauthorized access or theft.After activating the "account protection" function, it will be necessary to verify (for example, SMS) when logging in from another device or website.In addition, the user will have an insight into all activities on his accounts.In the event of losing the device, an account can be blocked remotely.Thanks to ID Huawei, you can read data from all your devices also in the web browser on the cloud logging in here or on any other smartphone, you can easily send your contacts, messages or even passwords to the Wi-Fi network to the Huawei cloud.From this place, you can easily download them, for example, a new phone.Ah, and I calm down: all data is stored only on European servers located in the European Union.Huawei Mobile Services has a CSA Star (ISO/IEC 27001) certificate confirming that the files are secure.

Backup of the cloud data is something that everyone should use without exception

Don't you use any cloud on your smartphone yet?Mistake!In the event of loss or damage to the smartphone, you can have serious problems recovering your data.You must know that Huawei offers 5 GB of free data for data in its Mobile Cloud cloud.After activating the appropriate option in the ID settings, the smartphone will regularly perform the backup of the files indicated by the user.They can be photos and videos, contacts, notes, calendar notes, or Wi-Fi settings, recordings from a voice recorder, or even blocked lists.

Masz smartfon Huawei? Zobacz jak optymalnie wykorzystać drzemiące w nim możliwości

Huawei cloud settings. If you want to increase the amount of space for data, you can do it at a really favorable price.On the occasion of Christmas, the manufacturer has prepared a special offer: a 50 % discount on all services in the Huawei cloud.This means that for 2048 GB (2 terabytes) you will pay 19.99 per month or PLN 240 for the whole year.The promotion also included a 50 GB subscription, which now costs only PLN 1.99 per month.The 200 GB package per year is PLN 100.This is really a small price for data security.Huawei cloud price list

The motives allow you to change the smartphone beyond recognition with several clicks

If, like me, you like to cyclically change the appearance of your smartphone, you will fall in love with the motifs.The ability to personalize the appearance of the device using this practical tool goes far beyond what many other manufacturers offer.Apka Motives allows you to change wallpapers, lock screens, text styles or even icon packages.In a word: everything.Huawei motifs in the theme store are not lacking in both good quality free proposals and pennies costing paid motifs.Everyone will find something for themselves, and the search will be facilitated not only by the search engine, but also the lists of the best and highest rated add -ons, or a transparent division into thematic categories.Only a few taps are separated from the installation of the selected theme.Huawei motifs somehow related to themes and personalization of the appearance of the device is also the function gallery wallpaper function.After activating this function and enabling the Wi-Fi function, each time you turn on the screen, a different lock screen wallpaper will be displayed.The user can independently define the subject of images of interest, choosing from the proposals from the world of sport, fashion, travel and many others.Nothing prevents you from creating your own album of cyclically changed wallpapers.The blockadyhuawei screen will preinstall on its devices really good quality software, which - as you can see - will probably prove to be real useful for many users.I do not believe that someone should negatively approach the possibility of making a free backup of their data, access to the database of secure, verified applications, or the option of far -reaching personalization of the appearance of your smartphone.Huawei makes every effort to increase the comfort of using his devices and does it really well.