Do you think the iPhone 12 mini is a misfire?You don't understand anything

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Miron Nurski • 11 months ago • 15 comments

If the iPhone 12 Mini is a failure, I would like to only fail.

Analitycy JP Morgan przewidują, że produkcja iPhone'a 12 mini — w świetle słabych wyników sprzedaży — w najbliższym czasie zostanie ograniczona.Ultimately, it can be completely suspended, which, however, does not mean withdrawing it from the offer, because the company may still have large warehouse supplies.

There are such terms as "failure" or "misfire" in the media.Apple gets over for the warning of demand for small phones and the release of a product that nobody wants.

Tylko czy Apple naprawdę liczył na to, że iPhone 12 mini będzie bił rekordy popularności i — co najważniejsze — czy to mu się w ogóle opłaca?

Let's go back to the beginning of 2020

May 2020.The Analytical Firma OMDIA publishes the sales results of iPhones for the first 3 months.These look like this:

  1. iPhone 11 (6,1 cala) - 19,5 mln;
  2. iPhone XR (6,1 cala) - 4,7 mln;
  3. iPhone 11 Pro Max (6,5 cala) - 4,2 mln;
  4. iPhone 11 Pro (5,8 cala) - 3,8 mln.

Let's leave iPhones 11 and XR, because their high popularity is from relatively attractive prices.But already 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are devices that differ only in size. Większość klientów — mając wybór między 5,8 a 6,5 cala — wolała dopłacić.

"And that would be enough in terms of" we want small screens "" - I wrote in May 2020, commenting on these sales results.Because could anyone with their healthy names recognize that such data testify to the demand for small phones?No, rather they show that the screens should be enlarged.

I właśnie to Apple zrobił — powiększył ekrany

At the end of 2020:

New is the 5.4-inch variant that nobody wants.Only do poor sales results testify to failure?Well, they would testify if the iPhone 12 mini existed in a vacuum.And it does not exist, because customers have as many as 3 smartphones to which they can pay extra.

It is significant, however, that the iPhone 12 Mini costs as much as the iPhone 11 cost a year earlier.So if someone wants to have at least the same large screen as before (and all signs in the sky and earth indicated that most customers will want), they must pay more.

To better understand the whole situation, let's go through the process of buying iPhone 12

Myślisz, że iPhone 12 mini to niewypał? Nic nie rozumiesz

We will focus exceptionally on the American market, because this one is crucial for Apple.And certainly a hundred times more important than Polish.

Let's assume that you are an average American who wants to buy a new iPhone.So you visit Apple.com and you see a banner informing you that you can buy the latest iPhone 12 for $ 699.

Everyone who knows the specificity of the country of hamburgers knows that $ 699 for a branded flagship is a very good price.Google Pixel 5 costs the same, which is not even a top shelf phone.Galaxy S21 starts from $ 799. Cena OnePlusa 8 Pro - ubiegłorocznego telefonu firmy, o której w USA słyszały 3 osoby — to także 799 dolarów.The new iPhone is a whole hundred cheaper than a Chinese.

At the sight of such an offer, the chemical processes occurring in your brain have already generated the purchase decision, although you don't know it yet.The next stage will only be bargaining with yourself with parameters and rationalization of transactions.So you click the magic "Buy" button.

At this point, you find out that the $ 699 affects the iPhone 12 Mini with a 5.4-inch screen.Note that there was no such information before.There was simply the iPhone 12.

At this point, you are starting to understand that 5.4 inches is a bit little.After all, every phone used by you has been at least 5.5 inches for the last 7 years. Decydujesz się więc na dopłatę do wariantu 6,1 cala — to tylko stówka. I tak oto z 699 zrobiło się 799 dolarów — standardowa cena flagowca w USA.

At the next stage you need to choose the color.Let's take red, at least part of the money will go to the fight with Covid-19.

Dopiero teraz — po wyborze rozmiaru i koloru — strona pyta o sieć.It turns out that $ 799 concerns operator sales.iPhone 12 completely free from the contract costs $ 829. Trzy dyszki różnicy — nie ma tragedii.You pay extra.

Finally, it remains to choose the memory version.

You find that 64 GB is a bit little, because the iPhone 12 has no microSD card slot.Therefore, you decide to pay extra for the 128 GB version.

W tym momencie — zachęcony banerem "od 699 dolarów" - wydajesz 879 dolarów

Or you don't spend.Because at this stage you should think about whether it is better to take a more cool iPhone 12 Pro for $ 999.Or pay extra for a larger battery, a larger screen and a better camera and buy a 12 pro max version.

And this is, ladies and gentlemen, the sense of the existence of the iPhone 12 mini.This is only a low and encouraging output threshold, which will ultimately decide to ultimately, with each click multiplying dollars reaching the Apple account.And I am convinced that Apple knew about it because he had no reason to judge otherwise.

This is not a new strategy.A similar sales model has been made for years M.in.In the automotive industry, where the total cost of accessories like air conditioning or coffee cup holders can pierce the starting price of the car.

Apple itself has been making every effort for years to make the cheapest versions of the products unprofitable.Until recently, the basic versions of smartphones had a funny 32 GB of memory, so it was more worse to pay extra to the 128 GB variant.

Apple can create a product that encourages you to buy, but after thinking turns out to be unattractive and motivates to spend several hundred zlotys more.This is not a failure.This is an art that works hardly anyone.

Contrary to appearances, the company's goal is not to sell as many products as possible.The company's goal is to multiply the capital of investors, and high sales of products are just one of the possible funds leading to this goal.However, if the poor sale of a cheaper product generates an increase in sales of a more expensive product, it's nothing but open champagne.

A przy tym iPhone 12 mini jest produktem wyjątkowo wdzięcznym marketingowo

This is the only such small flagship on the market.It is also the smallest 5G smartphone on the market.It's enough to make it loud.And that later most customers prefer to pay for more expensive models, it's only better for the business.

iPhone 12 Mini may sell badly, because probably from the very beginning it was the purpose of its existence.His very presence in the offer, however, indicates the marketing genius of Apple.

A year ago, the cheapest iPhone was the most popular.Now the cheapest iPhone is the one that nobody wants, because customers prefer to pay more, and 2020 Apple closes the best quarter in history.In what world can this situation be called a failure?

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