How to connect a smartphone to a TV?Guide for everyone

How to connect a smartphone to a TV?Guide for everyone

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The season of spending winter evenings in the comfort of warm four angles is at its best.Such a climate promotes homemade property and returning to memories of holiday travels.Then, admit, it will be useful to watch photos and video from trips on a larger TV screen.How to connect a smartphone to it?It is very simple.This guide is universal and applies to both USB and microUSB smartphones.


There are several options for connecting a smartphone to the TV.Everything depends on both the TV and the smartphone we want to connect to it.In the case of the latest devices, the matter is very simple, because it comes down - in both cases - to search for the right function in the settings - and that's it.In older models it is a bit more complicated, but still intuitive enough to deal with it.First things first.

Let's start the easiest or wireless

In Samsung smartphones, from the level of the upper system beam, just search for the Smart View option, which is responsible for Screen Mirroring - duplication of the smartphone screen view on the TV (in smartphones of other companies, this function can be hidden under the name screen mirroring, screen sharing, Cast).You can use it in two ways, and the one you use depends on your TV.


Smart TVs

Smart TV TVs have been available on the market for several years, in which, apart from access to numerous applications (such as.YouTube or Netflix), we also get Screen Mirroring.Just turn on the TV, and from the smartphone level download the top beam, on which the Smart View option is located - after turning it on and indicating the TV to pair, after a while there is a connection to the TV, and thus - in the blink of an eye we get the ability to duplicate the screen view.

In fact, it is actually as very simple as it sounds.It is enough for the smartphone and TV to be logged in to one of the same WiFi network.

Let me stop a little longer with a wireless connection with Smart TV, because apart from displaying the image from a smartphone on the TV, Samsung's smart tv allow you to send the image the other way - from TV to its smartphones.However, the case is a bit more complicated because it requires us to download the application.

While in the older telephones of the Korean concern, a quick connection was pre -installed (also known as Quick Connect) by default, so now it will be nothing to look for in the settings.In exchange for the latest smartphones, including M.in.Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+ or Galaxy Note 8, you should download Samsung Connect from the Galaxy Apps and use its level "display TV on the phone".

To fully use the SMART TV and Samsung smartphone, it is best to download the Smart View application, with which we can turn on selected applications installed on the TV, as well as run multimedia from the phone's memory - photos, video and music.In addition, which is incredibly useful, the application can also be used as a TV remote control.

Dongle Miracast and Chromecast

Not all TVs are "smart".What if our device does not support this solution by default?Nothing difficult - just buy Dongle Miracast, whose configuration ends with plugging it into the HDMI port on the TV.The next steps are exactly the same as I described above.

The popular Chromecast works in a similar way.

Old, good wires are also included

Currently, very slowly, a USB type C port is becoming a standard in smartphones.By design, the new connector was to be better than the previous one, i.e..microUSB, providing not only a higher file transfer speed, but also the ability to connect devices with them M.in.For TVs or projectors.The reality, however, turned out to be brutal - a majority of manufacturers uses a weaker USB C version, which makes you look for smartphones with a candle that actually support the possibility of connecting HDMI cable.As you already know from my comparison of flagships, there are three (currently four, because they were joined by Galaxy Note 8), of which three are Samsung phones - next to Note 8 - Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.Update: Of course, you are right - I forgot about Huawei Mate 10 Pro and HTC U11+.

What do you need to do to connect a HDMI cable to them?The matter is very simple, it is necessary to have an HDMI adapter on USB C.Original Samsung adapters are available for sale (the cost is OK.180 zlotys), but it is worth remembering that adapters attached to ultrabooks from USB C also work without any problem.Just connect the HDMI cable connected to the TV to the adapter, in turn to the smartphone - after a while the TV screen will display a copy of what we see on the smartphone.

What about older microUSB smartphones?Some of them, unfortunately not all, are supported by MHL, i.e. the possibility of connecting the appropriate HDMI adapter to the microUSB port, to which the cable is connected.If your phone does not support MHL, the only option to transfer the image and sound to the TV is the wireless option, which I described above.

There are other methods

In the case of Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8, it is an important issue that they can be connected to a TV or monitor in one more way.It is the DEX station, which, however - beyond the possibility of displaying a copy of the mirror screen - allows you to transform a smartphone with Android into a computer, similar in functionality to Windows.You can read more about this in the Samsung Dex review.

If you have any questions about connecting smartphones to the TV - go ahead, I'm at your disposal.

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