They haven't played it yet: the SSD, on which "Music sounds better"

By Chrisfugiel

A certain user has created an SSD M.2 NVME targeted at audiophiles.It is such absurd equipment that it can be placed next to the cables for several thousand zlotys.

We know well that there is no shortage of absurdities in the world of new technologies.You can change really long: SSDs called models for players, because they are simply efficient, HDMI cables, for the equivalent of which the car could be bought and many, many others.Today you will read about another equipment that exceeds the dose of absurdity several times.

I'm not an audiophile.This world is almost completely foreign to me.However, I have heard several times about strange equipment for lovers of good sound, which turned out to be only a jump on cash.I suspect that the latest M2 SSD can be assessed in a similar way.Nvme.

SSD for audiophiles, i.e. absurdity, chasing absurdity

Audiophile Style is a high -end audio equipment store.SSD M.2Nvme, który ma oferować najlepszą jakość dźwięku.Yes, you read well, it's about a semiconductor carrier for audiophiles.What distinguishes him that he deserved such a name?

Tego jeszcze nie grali: dysk SSD, na którym

The disk is equipped with, among others, the CCHD-957 Femto CRISTKO generator and a pair of Audionote Kaisei 220UF capacitors.From what I managed to find out, these are known and valued components in audiophile equipment.The thing is that they are used for the construction of sound cards, amplifier or DACs, not SSDs.

As if that wasn't enough, it has a disk...A separate power plugin.Its creators invented themselves that it would be possible to switch between power supply from the motherboard and completely separate, which of course is to ensure better sound quality.Remember, however, that we are talking about digital music, i.e. zeros and ones.Of course, this is to minimize noise and pierce from the power supply, but this does not change the level of absurdity of this equipment.

The disk has not been on sale yet, but it will change soon.Price for a model with a capacity of 1 TB is to amount to about $ 700... Tak, 700 dolarów, czyli około 2900 zł, za dysk SSDNvme, który nie robi nic nadzwyczajnego.Sounds almost like an opportunity.Even worse, this is the TLC model that works in SLC mode, so with 1 TB they have 333 GB.

What's worse, I'm sure there will be those who will praise the disk for a better, fuller and richer sound.Anyway, a few of them can be found on the Audiophile Style forum.

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Source of photos: Fizkes /, audiophile style forum (darkforce)

Source of text: Techpowerup

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