How to help you use the HMS smartphone?

How to help you use the HMS smartphone?

Akcja partnerskaJak ułatwić sobie korzystanie ze smartfona z HMS?

The development of HMS, the original ecosystem of Huawei services, is primarily an accelerated development of the proprietary store with Appgallery applications and alternative possibilities of downloading programs for smartphones of this brand, including the latest model, Huawei Nova 9.What is worth knowing to facilitate the use of a smartphone with Huawei Mobile Services?

EMUI 12 - Android, but with HMS

The Appsonhms website helps in finding HMS environment.Meanwhile, I will try to brighten you a bit today, how to deal with installing the application (but not only), having a Huawei smartphone from HMS.

You can install a lot of programs known from Google Play directly from Appgallery, i.e. the original application store.The first page of the Appgalller leaves no illusions.Everyday applications, such as InPost, Allegro or Tiktok, have found their way to the Huawei store.However, there are some deficiencies.

It is vain to find even all Meta services, i.e. Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.However, nothing is lost - in this case, just look at APKPure to download the installation file of the service we are interested in.

However, if we need key Google services, such as maps, documents or disk - nothing stands in the way.Just download the GSPACE application from Appgalllery.It is a program that allows you to install all programs from Google Play.It is enough to give GSPACE all permits and log in to Google services to be able to easily use the missing sites in Appgallery.

  • In the case of Huawei Nova 9, there is also a way on Google Pay - just install Curve to be able to pay for purchases without any problems by phone.You can also use Blik, although it is addicted to banks.

    There are also Petal maps that have developed so well for the last year that it is definitely worth giving them a chance.The more that recently in the latest update they have been able to navigate offline (on Huawei smartphones), lane assistant or tips on restaurants, hotels, etc..

  • If any service or application is not available from the Appgalller, it is also worth remembering to use them from the web browser.What is very important, each open side can be added to the home screen in the form of a separate tile, so we can start it with one fack - just as if we wanted to turn on the next application.

  • Huawei Nova 9 - flagship display and more

    You can't hide that this screen is by far the biggest advantage of the latest Huawei smartphone - Huawei Nova 9.Not only that we get a powerful, 6.57-inch OLED with all the benefits of inventory, the manufacturer added ultra-fast refreshing 120 Hz.There is no compromise field here.During the intensive use of the phone, our eyes get the highest quality experience.

    All this must be served by equally great components.Snapdragon 778G and 8 GB of RAM is a reliable duo.In addition, competent graphics 642L and quite durable battery - 4300 W - and with fast charging.Facial recognition system and a fingerprint reader will ensure safety.

    If you want to read more about Huawei Nova 9, Kasia has prepared his full review, which has been available on the portal since the beginning of December.

    Promotions for Appgallery users

    In addition to access to the basic applications of everyday life, Appgallers also include a lot of unique promotions for store users.Anyone who has Huawei ID will be able to pick up attractive vouchers from Huawei's partners.Just download 5 applications to your phone to qualify for one of the offers:

    In addition, there is a chance to collect free Huawei devices.Just invite, in turn, 40 and 50 friends to win the freeebuds 4 or smartphone Nova 9 headphones - the same one that we described in this material.This is a fantastic opportunity to treat yourself or someone close to a little surprise in the form of headphones or a smartphone.

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    Huawei Nova 9 review.How does it work every day?

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