iPhone 12 Pro - is it still worth after 9 months [test]

iPhone 12 Pro - is it still worth after 9 months [test]

Jaki jest iPhone wie każdy. To najlepiej sprzedający się smartfon na świecie, który spopularyzował ekrany dotykowe i spowodował, że na dobre zapomnieliśmy o fizycznych klawiaturach w telefonach komórkowych. Co roku po wakacjach gigant z Cupertino wprowadza na rynek nową generację iPhone'a. Zawsze otrzymujemy nowszy procesor, nieco ulepszone aparaty oraz wiele innych pomniejszych nowości.iPhone 12 Pro - czy nadal warto po 9 miesiącach [TEST]

In 2020, due to the pandemic of coronavirus, Apple delayed the premiere of the iPhone.The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models appeared on sale only at the end of October.The compact iPhone 12 mini and the giant iPhone 12 Pro Max hit the store shelves later - in November 2020.

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Apple is already preparing for the September presentation of the iPhone 13, and at the same time I decided to publish my impressions from the long -term iPhone 12 Pro test.Is the flagship smartphone that is already 9 months old on the neck still worth spending about PLN 5,000 on it?You will find out in a moment.

iPhone 12 Pro after 9 months - this will not be a classic review

At the very beginning I wanted to warn that this test will not be a strictly review of the device itself.You can find hundreds of such publications in Polish and English on many internet portals.In this text, he describes his own, subjective feelings and observations of using the iPhone 12 Pro for a longer period of time.As the owner of Apple and iPhone 11 equipment, there will be references to this device.

At first he disappointed, later delighted

Privately, I have been using Apple devices for over 10 years.During this period of time I had most of the iPhone models from 3G, for 4S, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, up to 8 plus and 11.I used to replace the model for a newer one every year, but I gradually move away from this rule.

After the October presentation of smartphones from the iPhone 12 family I was disappointed.

iPhone 12 Mini was my favorite, but it quickly turned out that he had too weak battery.The base iPhone 12 was significantly sticked, and outside the screen OLED did not offer any interesting functions for me.

Other models 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.I immediately rejected the enlarged version because of the size.

I almost decided to buy an iPhone 12 Pro, but it quickly turned out that due to problems caused by a shortage of chip for a smartphone, I would have to wait over a month.

Finally, I was disappointed with both devices that from the point of view of the iPhone 11 owner were not ground).Decisions to cancel the purchase sealed the long waiting time for the device.

As you can see, at first I was not able to enjoy smartphones from the iPhone 12 family, but the X-Kom came to the rescue, which made the iPhone 12 Pro in the version of 256 GB of built-in mass storage for long-term tests (link to the tested configuration).In the same period of time I still had my private iPhone 11 and I could calmly compare both devices.

It quickly turned out that the iPhone 12 Pro is incredibly similar to my 11, but between the two devices there is a gigantic quality gap.

iPhone 12 Pro - this smartphone is gaining at closer Poznań

Privately, I have never decided to buy a model with a pro note.I also didn't have an iPhone x/xs.All because of the appearance that did not appeal to me.Instead of a stainless steel frame and matte backs, I have always preferred aluminum and colorful glass available in cheaper models.

It was similar with the iPhone 12 Pro.Initially, I didn't like the sad graphite color.After a few days, however, I appreciated its practicality and versatility.I also found out to the stainless steel frame.It is finger mercilessly, but in return it is better made, pleasantly cool and provides a sensational grip.

The smartphone itself looks similar to its predecessors."New" is a flat frame.Why did I put the word new in quotation marks?Because I had an identical frame in 2011 in my 4S model.

The situation is similar with the screen, which in the iPhone 12 family is perfectly flat.This is great news for consumers.First of all, this solution does not reflect light reflections as a slightly wrapped iPhone 11 screen, and secondly it allows for perfect installation of a protective glass, which covers the entire front panel, not just its flat part.

I don't have to mention the arrangement of ports and buttons.Nothing has changed in this regard.

A small iPhone with the note Pro finally has a sufficiently large screen

Smaller models of more expensive iPhones from 2017 to 2020 had a 5.8 -inch OLED screen.This is a fairly small display, and the working surface is additionally occupied by a large screen cut -out.For this reason, I bought an iPhone 11 with a larger 6.1 -inch screen.

Apple noticed the problem and the iPhone 12 Pro received a screen with the same size as in XR, 11 and 12 models.The whole is complemented by much smaller frames, and the panel itself is of course a better super retina xDR matrix.Unfortunately, it is still characterized by a classic, 60 Hz refreshment.Promotion can still be found only on the iPad Pro.

The display itself is noticeably better than the iPhone XR/11 panels and slightly better than Amoled from 11K Pro.

Pro in the name obliges - what do we get for PLN 5,000?

Note Pro in the name, in addition in the case of Apple equipment means that we are with an expensive device.iPhone 12 Pro costs at least PLN 5199 for the version with 128 GB of built -in mass storage.There is nothing to cheat - it's a lot of money.Even the fact that Android competition can be more expensive does not mean that the iPhone 12 Pro is a master of profitability.This title deserves 2.5 times cheaper SE 2020.

This does not mean, however, that we pay extra for a steel frame.By choosing any model from the Pro in the name of the machine we get a telephoto lens and a slightly better set of main cameras.In addition, Lidar has been on board since last year, who allows you to scan the surroundings in 3D.This seemingly not very useful gadget can be useful in some games and, for example, during the renovation of the apartment.The whole is complemented by the possibility of taking photographs in the propaulis and recording in 4K/60 fps in Dolby Vision standard.

5G, Magsafe and other news

Models from the iPhone 12 family are the first Apple devices with a 5G network modem.In Europe, we get smartphones compatible only with SUB -6GHz networks, but I would not receive it as a big disadvantage - and we will not quickly use a network based on MMWAVE technology.

Fast 5G allows you to achieve high transfers using a mobile network.In practice, we are talking about collecting 200 Mbps (with the current state of infrastructure is a very good result).

Another novelty is the Magsafe magnetic charging connector.In practice, it is a fast Qi undercoat charger with a maximum capacity of18 W (Chinese competition calmly allows over 50 in wireless charging) with an additional set of magnets that position and maintain accessories on site.

After less than a year since the debut on the market we will find a lot of Magsafe third -party accessories.This means that they are cheaper and often more useful.

It is also worth mentioning the presence of an element that you are unlikely to want to test in practice.I am talking about reinforced Ceramic Shield glass.Apple does not use universal solutions from Gorilla Glass.The company develops protective glass.In 2019, the iPhone 11 received a new glass with increased strength.iPhone 12 raises the bar and offers Ceramic Shield.This surface is more resistant to scratches and cracks.9 months after the premiere I know that it works great.

Excellent performance - do someone still care about synthetic tests?

By buying an iPhone one, you can be sure - the performance will be more than enough for at least three years from the premiere.Apple equipment on paper looks much worse than the competition, but in practice it easily overcomes Android smartphones.The Apple A14 processor in combination with 6 GB of operating memory is a guarantee of hellishly fast operation of the operating system and the applications installed on it.

The small battery capacity does not affect working times

iPhone 12 Pro has a modest battery with a capacity of only 2815 mAh.In combination with the 6.1 inch OLED screen, very efficient components and a 5G network modem you can have reasonable concerns about battery life.My private iPhone 11 does not have 5G and offers a slightly larger battery with a capacity of 3110 mAh.At the beginning, the device was able to work for 1.5 days away from the socket.

One and a half years and 500 charging cycles, my 11ka asks you to connect to the power supply after about 10 hours of operation.

iPhone 12 Pro is able to work without a problem throughout the working day, and in the evening we will still have about 20% of the supply.This means that the battery is slightly worse than in 11ce, but the results level slightly after switching to the 4G LTE network.

Unfortunately, the case of charging is less interesting.I skip the fact that only a USB type C for lightning type.iPhone 12 Pro charges up to a maximum of 18 W.This means that with a truly fast charging we know from Chinese flagships (e.g..Realme GT) we can forget.

Using the wired charging, we charge the smartphone up to 50% in 30 minutes.This is a poor result.In practice, it is even worse - most third -party loaders need about 40 minutes to charge the iPhone 12 Pro from 0 to 50%.

Any disadvantages?But of course!

iPhone 12 Pro is not a device without defects.There are several of them and for some consumers it may be an unbearable restrictions.As I have already mentioned, the smartphone has not the best battery.By choosing the iPhone 12 Pro, we will also get a large cut in the screen with all the elements of the face ID system.The smartphone also does not have a Touch ID, which in the era of Covid-19 pandemic would be a great complement to the face id.

Another downside is an ultra -angle lens.The element for which many people pay extra to the Pro/Pro Max models offer only 2 times the optical approximation.This value was satisfactory two years ago.Today, the competition offers from 3x to 5x optical zoom.

At the end I leave the issue that will bother especially consumers who have no other Apple equipment.Of course, we are talking about a charging connector.Apple still uses lightning instead of USB type C and does it even despite penalties imposed by the European Union.For consolation, I can add that the iPhone 13 probably will not offer a physical socket for charging and communication with accessories/computer.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 Pro - the choice can only be one

It is obvious that the iPhone 12 Pro is better than the iPhone 11.However, whether the difference is visible enough to replace the iPhone 11 for iPhone 12 Pro.From my point of view, certainly not.

iPhone 12 Pro is better made, thinner and prettier.It supports 5G, has a more efficient processor (which is imperceptible in everyday use), a better camera and a screen made in AMOLED technology.

Certainly the iPhone 12 family is a successful evolution of smartphones from the iPhone 11 series.On the other hand, we can't talk about the revolution.

After the iPhone 12 Pro tests.Of course, it's hard for me to go back to my iPhone 11 because it has larger frames, worse screen and camera, but I will wait for the September premiere of the iPhone 13.

iPhone 12 Pro in the second half of 2021 - is it worth it?

iPhone 12 Pro has been on the market for 9 months.This is a short market internship, but due to Covid-19 and delays, the career of this phone will be incredibly short.The smartphone will disappear from the sale in the official Apple store in September - after the premiere of the iPhone 13.At the same time, resessers will sell copies that remain in warehouses for the next few months.This is a great opportunity for consumers who want to buy a high -end iPhone for years, and at the same time they do not care about the latest components.

After a long -term test, I can say that the iPhone 12 Pro is a 100% smartphone worth recommending.This is a proven design that has no major defects.Of course, on the market we will find faster, cheaper and better equipped devices, but it is difficult to find such a refined construction, which additionally works perfectly with the other Apple equipment.

If after the premiere of the iPhone 13, the price of the iPhone 12 Pro falls to around PLN 4,000, it will be a sensational proposal.Currently, I would advise you to refrain from buying, because in September 2021 the prices of all smartphones from the iPhone 12 family will fall by several hundred zlotys.

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