How to unlock someone on FB?Step by step guide

How to unlock someone on FB?Step by step guide

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How to unlock someone on FB?The blocked user stopped annoying you?The decision to set up a lock was too hasty and you regret it now?You can easily undo it.Below we present the instructions on how to do it.

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How to unlock someone on FB?It turns out that blocking a friend on Facebook causes users much less trouble than withdrawing this decision.The guide below proves that there is nothing difficult about it.

How can you unlock someone on Facebook?

If we do not want another user to spam our profile, mean us in the comments below the photo or write private messages to us, we can easily block it.Some decisions to block friends are good for us, while others we make hastily and we often regret them.In the second case, however, we should not worry for a long time.Blocking the user on FB is not irreversible and can be easily restored to the group of our friends.

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Jak odblokować kogoś na fb? Przewodnik krok po kroku

Below is a short guide that will help unlock a friend on Facebook:

1) In the upper right corner, select Settings.

2) Go to the left Facebook column and click blocking.

3) In the Block Users section, a list of blocked people should appear.

4) Click the Unlock next to the name of the person you want to unlock.

5) Click Confirm to complete the unlocking of a person.

Jak odblokować kogoś na fb? Źródło: Materiał prasowy

After clicking on the Unlock option, a message will appear with information about the effects of the lock photo:

The unlocked person does not automatically join your friends.To bring her back to this group, you must send her an invitation.

Remember that to block a given user again, you will have to wait 48 hours.

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