Star for Christmas 2021 - what to buy?

Star for Christmas 2021 - what to buy?

Best Christmas phones in 2021?

The following ranking includes one of the most interesting proposals for smartphones in 2021.We suggest who will be happy with the specific model.Thanks to this, you will better choose a gift for the recipient.

Samsung galaxy s20 fe 6/128gb

The abbreviation Fe means "fan edition" - Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe is a solid construction.The housing made of durable polycarbonate in four different colors is a response to the needs of Galaxy fans from around the world.The matte finish adds elegance to the device.Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe is not only appearance.It is also - or maybe above all - excellent performance!The octa -core processor provides great performance during the game, work, online meetings and internet browsing.A durable 4500 mAh battery can be additionally topped up with a second phone or Samsung headphones!The camera with three lenses will take care of the uncompromising quality of photos.

Galaxy S20 Fe is an ideal proposition of a universal smartphone - for adults, youth, sports fans and people absorbed by work.It works perfectly in every hand.

Samsung Galaxy M12 4/64GB

Telefon na Gwiazdkę 2021 – jaki kupić?

This model is created for fans of visual art and lovers of good design.The camera with four lenses allows you to make brilliant portraits, dynamic street scenes, small objects and much more!A well -designed housing and battery with a capacity of up to 5000 mAh will allow for safe and comfortable work throughout the day.An efficient processor and a supply of RAM ensure excellent smoothness.

These features make Galaxy M12 a great gift idea for a teenager and all people with the artist's soul.

Realme 8i 4/128GB

This Realme model attracts with a futuristic design and excellent quality display.128 GB of built -in memory allows you to store any number of memories, files and documents.4 GB of RAM allows you to work in many applications at the same time, and the efficient processor watches over the liquidity of all processes.

Realme 8i, thanks to the attractive price and great possibilities, will enjoy the child, teenager and adult user.

Oppo Reno4 with 5g 8/128GB

A great quality processor, a durable screen covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3+ generation and up to 8 GB of RAM is a perfect combination that will delight every teenager.A camera with four lenses and an interestingly designed rear panel of the device will meet the aesthetic needs of the artistic soul.

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