How without knowing the password/pin to unlock the phone

How without knowing the password/pin to unlock the phone

Forgetting the data needed to unlock is unlikely to happen to a phone you use every day. However, there is a high probability that when resuscitating the one you have kept in the drawer for more than three months, you will. Another real case is when you buy a locked device from some not-so-honest retailer. There can be many situations. You know the one that happened to you.

Most locks can be disabled by a hard factory reset. In this case, however, at the same time we have to say goodbye to the data that is on the device. All photos, videos, music will do papa. But what if we don't want to lose them? We can unlock the phone with the dr.fone tool. It works for both Android and iOS phone lock screens.

In the video below you can see exactly how the whole process of unlocking the phone looks like.

I found it hard to believe so I did it myself with my old phone.

Blocked phone, working, 13:43. I connect to the computer.

How to unlock phone without knowing password/PIN

I select my device model in dr.fone.

I am following the instructions. I restart the phone in recovery mode. The phone has never been rooted, latest updates installed.

Dr. phone starts working.

The software tells me what's going on. That's something positive in my opinion because you have no doubt if it's crashed or what, and the process is quite stressful.


Note the time. The whole thing took me less than 5 minutes. The data on the phone remained, it even connected to WiFi automatically.

Dr.fone isn't just for this one thing though. It is a comprehensive tool where we can:

It is also worth mentioning that the application works on all popular versions of Windows and on OSX.

Most of the things we are able to do with our system when it fails allows us to keep our data on the device. It seems to me that this will be a very useful option for people whose phone started to slow down and could use a refresh of the system. I know from my own experience that I am often blocked from doing so by the fact of losing everything and the need to prepare a backup. This can take a long time depending on the amount of data.

This is also where dr.fone can be useful, because in one application we can do it all at once.

I hope I've also made you aware of how easy it is to hack a phone with this post. Remember to secure applications inside your devices and use automatic login in places where nothing bad can happen. Android offers password autofill, so when you unlock your phone, the intruder doesn't even need to know it. It is able to log in and change to a new one.


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