Dr.fone Recover for Android.How to recover lost data from a smartphone?

Dr.fone Recover for Android.How to recover lost data from a smartphone?

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Data loss due to failure or inattention can happen to anyone, but this is not the end of the world.Programs from the DR family will help in recovering files.Wondershare FONE.For data recovery, we need two programs-a mobile application for Android and a Windows program (a 30-day test version is available).Some operations can be performed using only the application on the smartphone, you will need a computer and cable for more advanced tasks.

Data recovery software is compatible with most Android devices from version 2.1 to 8.0 and with iOS from 5 to 11.On all systems you can recover sound files, movies, images and documents, as well as the history of calls, contacts and news.On Android you can get to the lost history of WhatsApp messenger, on iOS also to Safari tabs, notes, reminders, KIKA and Vibera news.

Data recovery in the mobile application

No root permissions are needed on Android devices to search the cache and shell out lost files in it.You can save them in the device's memory or send to adropbox or Google disk.

Before saving the file, you can, of course, watch the preview and check if it has been damaged.It is easy to fall into a trap here - a movie player available withdr.Fone can show the file as damaged, and there is only no suitable codec.This application function is available free of charge.

[IMG = cache1] [Join] [img = cache2] More advanced data recovery already requires root permission on the device.In the offer of Wondershare, we will also find a tool for this (dr.Fone Root for Windows), but it's worth checking out other solutions, because not every smartphone can be unlocked with this program.If we have a dotted device, we can use more "in -depth" multimedia recovery, as well as recovering deleted contacts.

We can choose here multimedia recovery, messages and contacts.Choosing one of the options will result in checking whether all activities can be carried out without any obstacles (if so, touch "scan") and will give us access to additional options.In the part devoted to multimedia, for example, we can only choose some of the formats of recording images and movies.

dr.fone Recover dla Androida. Jak odzyskać utracone dane ze smartfona?

Before searching the memory to find traces of removed photos, movies, conversations and contacts, we have the opportunity to suspect each of them.As in the case of recovery of files from cache, here we also have the ability to save them in the device's memory or sending to a disk in the cloud.To unlock this possibility, however, you need to buy the full version of the DR mobile application.fone.

[IMG = Deep1] [Join] [IMG = Deep2] [IMG = Deep3] [Join] [IMG = Deep4] The third option that we have to choose from is full scanning of the device's memory in search of deleted files.The application also allows you to find documents and archives, deleted from the smartphone, as well as the history of conversations by messengers.To use this option, however, we need to reach for a program accompanying Windows or MacOS.dr.FONE Recover for PCWspacking a mobile application with a PC program provides wider file recovery options. Zaczynamy od instalacjidr.Fone Toolkit for Android on the computer.The next step will be connecting the smartphone to the computer with the appropriate cable.You have to make sure that the USB debugation has been enabled, which can be done in the development settings.If in doubt, we can use the instructions contained in the program.

After turning on the deletion of errors via USB, you can connect the smartphone with a cable to your computer.A request for permission to debug this device will appear on the smartphone screen.We allow.The program on the PC will then install its controller on our device (maybe you will need to unlock the installation of programs via USB in development options) and propose the installation of an application optimizing Mobile, which you can easily give up.

dr.FONE TOOLKIT will connect to a smartphone, allow us to choose files to recover and start work.It is worth noting that when recovering files, we can choose faster scanning only deleted files or scanning everyone that takes more time, but gives you a better chance of finding lost data.The scanning time depends on the size of the smartphone memory.

After selecting the data you want to recover, just click "Recover".The program will start obtaining Root's permissions on the device and at this time the smartphone can be launched several times again.You should not worry about it and you should not disconnect it from the computer at that time.

The program will read files that can be recovered from an effectively unlocked device.In the example below you can see the files found after the device is restored to the factory settings.

Files can be easily viewed and recovered with a registered copy of the program.

Pozostałe możliwościdr.Fone Toolkit

Zapewne zauważyliście, że programdr.FONE TOOLKIT has wider possibilities than data recovery. To interfejs do pełnego zestawu narzędzi z oferty Wondersharedr.fone.With its help, you can recover data, as well as make a backup, transfer data to another device, safely clean its memory, root some versions of Android, and in some models also delete the lock screen without data deletion.Each module can be tested separately.Details and a list of supported devices can be found on the program page.

Particular attention in the context of data recovery also deserves the ability to scan the memory of damaged Samsung devices - for example, if the buttons or the screen of the device stopped working..This process looks identical to the recovery of files from devices connected to the computer.Earlier you just need to choose the type of fault and the device model from the list.

From the main screen of the program, you can also launch data recovery from memory cards that were used in Android devices.

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