How to unlock the phone without knowing the password?

How to unlock the phone without knowing the password?

Zablokowany telefon jest nie lada problemem, zwłaszcza że producenci smartfonów starają się, aby do Twoich danych nie miały dostępu osoby niepowołane. Na szczęście jest kilka sposobów, jak dostać się do własnego urządzenia, nawet jeśli zapomniałeś do niego wszystkich haseł.How to unlock the phone without knowing the password?

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Each of us had a situation in which something went wrong and it turned out that we could not unlock our phone.In fact, you don't need so much - you can pick up a face ID, you can hurry a pattern on the smartphone screen and make a mistake.It happens that you just ... forget a password, pattern or other type of security.How to unlock such a phone without knowing the password?

Types of phone security

PIN codes, PUK

Mobile phone manufacturers have been outdoing themselves in effective protection of smartphones against unwanted access by third parties for years.PIN codes reigned at the beginning of the mobile telephony.The introduction of a string of several digits of the string was the easiest way to secure the handset - the number of combinations was sufficient so that it could not be accidentally accessed to sensitive data.In addition, a limitation was introduced that the password data can be incorrectly entered only a few (often 3) times.When the number of attempts exceeded the allowed number, the phone was blocked.

Jak odzyskać kod PIN i kod PUK?->

After entering the incorrect PIN code, the phone was blocked - the user remains in such a situation the last way to get to his SIM card, i.e. the PUK code.This is a special combination consisting of 10 digits, which is imposed top -down by the operator and should be on the SIM card packaging.

However, other, much more complicated ways to protect the device are used more and more often.Entering the appropriate sequence of numbers, yes, it may be safe, but by the way it is not very comfortable.In order to be able to quickly use the phone right after removing it from your pocket, you would have to choose, either the same, or the numbers close to each other (such as "1234", "2222"), and it is known that such combinations are the easiest forfractures by third parties.The introduction of touch displays enabled the introduction of so -called unlocking patterns.


The principle of their operation is very simple - they show 9 different half, through which the user drives with a finger, you can say that he sets the route.It is important here, however, not only which fields you have marked, but also in which the order was chosen.Thanks to this, the number of combinations is huge (about 400,000), and "entering it" trouble -free, mainly due to the fact that you do not need to tear your finger from the display.It is also worth putting on longer, more complex combinations, because it increases data security.

Fingerprint reader

Telefony z czytnikiem linii w ekranie ->

This is one of the most popular, but also the safest technologies.Just scan your finger, the phone will learn our fingerprint combination and ready.One finger application and unlocked device.The technology is based on the fact that each of us these lines run differently.Due to the popularity and reliability of this solution, manufacturers use these readers in cheaper headphones.

Face unlock

The last and the most convenient novelty is unlocking the phone with our ... face.This is a relatively new solution, because the iPhone X has been introduced during the premiere of the Apple phone.The principle of operation is very simple, raising the phone, the front camera takes a picture of the face and compares them with the one we provided to it earlier.If the similarity is sufficient, the phone will be unlocked.Practice shows, however, that not all devices deal with it well enough.Some of them cannot recognize their owner if he puts on glasses, hat or mask.Experts suggest, however, that face ID is not a perfect solution, so it's worth not to rely only on it.

How to unlock the phone without knowing the password?

Security in mobile phones usually work.For example, you first verify a fingerprint, and when it turns out that the phone does not recognize it (because, for example, you applied not the finger, what you need or you have dirt on your skin), you can repeat the surgery.After a few unsuccessful attempts, the phone will block you in this way.The lock can be temporary or constant and will be lifted only when you manage to verify our identity.Therefore, for safety, it is worth setting up several login methods while configuring the phone - thanks to this, without knowing one password, you will be able to calmly log in with the other way of verification, and even another, if necessary, if necessary.

When the blocked phone informs you that you have provided an incorrect PIN too many times, and also asks if you know the PUK code, this solution to the problem is very simple.In this situation, you must find the packaging from which you took out the SIM card.There should be a PUK code on it, which will unlock the phone.If you enter the wrong PUK code 10 times, or it turns out that you have lost it, you will need to contact the operator from which you bought the card.I wrote about how to recover it in a separate text about recovering the knock code.

Is it possible to unlock the phone if the above methods have failed?

Producers of smartphones and software suppliers do not make it easier to reach the data if the passwords are lost.This is of course for the sake of their safety.Mobile phones have become devices with sensitive information not only about our private, but also professional life, our bank cards and so on.

Fortunately, there are wickets that can protect us from irretrievable data loss.One of the google functions.When having an Android phone, go to https: // Myaccount.google.Com/, where you will have several options related to your devices.There you should set a temporary lock password that will be used instead of the current password.This solution is usually useful when the phone disappears and you want to make sure that nobody gets to it, but also in the event of losses of passwords, this solution should help.Now it is enough to log in to the modern security.

NOTE: After this operation, the remaining methods of security and passwords should be set again.

Another effective solution when the others failed is the DR application.fone.It should be installed on your computer (preferably from the official website), and then connect the smartphone to it with a cable.The program will lead you by unlocking - first you need to select the appropriate model from the list and run it in "Recovery" mode.The program will be step by step informing what is happening to the device and after a few minutes the equipment should be unlocked.

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