iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8

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Mówi się, że kto raz spróbował ekosystemu od Apple, ten już na zawsze zostanie z tą marką. Trudno powiedzieć, ile w tym prawdy. Faktem jest jednak, że sprzęty z logiem nadgryzionego jabłka starzeją się znacznie wolniej od androidowej konkurencji. Nic więc dziwnego, że klienci, którzy nie chcą gwałtowanie opróżniać portfela, spoglądają na starsze modele, a w tych wybór jest naprawdę ciekawy. Korzystając z okazji, że we wrześniu 2020 nowe urządzenie, postanowiliśmy porównać te starsze i zdecydowanie tańsze.iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8


The way Apple has been designing its devices has been the subject of debates and discussions for years.A significant part of the current solutions used by the Cupertino company is reckless and controversial.However, there are following models that do not differ too much from each other, and the differences occur mainly in components and possibilities.The best example is the iPhone 7 and 8.

Both devices are similar to each other.They have quite large - as for today's standards - a chin with a physical button, small side frames and the upper panel on which the speaker and front camera are located.On the back of both phones you will find a single camera.The differences are rather small.Apple iPhone 7 in some color versions has a visually distinguished strap on the lower back.However, the iPhone 8 has one advantage - its backs are made of glass.And it is clear, it is easier to destroy them, but this solution is much prettier visually and makes the phone more pleasant to hold, although not necessarily more stable.In turn, the iPhone 7 is made of aluminum.

Among the advantages of the iPhone 7 you can count more color versions (gold, black, silver, pink gold), while the iPhone 8 has 3 color variants (silver, star gray and gold).

Finally, when it comes to appearance, it is difficult to indicate the winner here.On the one hand, one of them has a glass housing, on the other - not every glass can suit so much.The iPhone 7 model has more color versions.

Winner: Draw.

Sample offer with iPhone 7 32 GB:

Sample offer with iPhone 8 64 GB:


Apple iPhone 7 has a 4.7 -inch display and a resolution of 750 to 1334 pixels.The density of them to inch is 326.The screen is made in IPS technology.iPhone 8 has almost identical Retina HD panel.

Both displays have a contrast of 1400: 1, both are made in IPS technology.The only difference is that the "eight" is equipped with True Tone, i.e. a technology that adapts the level of brightness and color temperature to the entertainment light.Both displays offer very decent focus and contrasts.It is worth remembering that the competition already offers various LED variations.It is worth remembering, however, that Apple pulls out everything that is possible from IPS and its displays are really very high quality.

In the case of two discussed devices, the image quality is almost identical, but in the case of iPhone 8 the difference is made by TRUE TONE technology.That is why this model wins in this category.

Winner: iPhone 8.

Components and speed of operation

Apple iPhone 7 is equipped with a A10 processor and 2 GB of RAM.There are 32, 64 or 128 GB of GB internal memory for files and applications here.The younger model, in turn, has a newer generation of the processor, i.e. the A11 unit and also 2 GB of RAM.If it is about a built -in memory, the same options are available as the older competitor.

Both devices are already old and it is worth remembering that they will not work as fast as newer constructions.What is important, however - apple equipment does not age so quickly, so even older models will work efficiently.However, it is impossible to hide that the iPhone 8, due to the fact that the newer one will keep freshness in action longer, which is why he wins in this category.

Winner: iPhone 8.


Both telephones have similar optics, because there are a 12-pixel lens with an aperture with a value of f/1.8.Both have optical image stabilization and a 5-fold zoom, just like two models are equipped with HDR that can turn up your photos a bit.

Instead, they differ in the quality of the video recorded.An older headphone can record in 4k in 30 kl./s and in HD 1080p in 30 kl./s or 60 kl./s.In turn, the more expensive model has the same possibilities, with the difference that it is able to record a movie in 60 kl./s even in 4K quality.The front cameras are identical.

Although both phones have nothing to be ashamed of, the newer model wins.However, if you do not want to make movies, but only take pictures, you can consider this result as a draw.

Winner: iPhone 8.


Although Apple does not boast of the technical specification too much, hiding even the battery capacity in its recesses, it must be admitted that in the case of its devices there is a bit right in this.His phones have faucets much less capacious than Android devices, and yet they sometimes work on one charge much longer.Why?Well, everything is a matter of optimization.Interestingly, looking at the capacity itself, the link "eight" has 1821 mAh capacity, and "seven" ... 1960 mAh!

Looking only at the specification, one can get the impression that newer equipment should work shorter on a single charge.In practice, however, it turns out that both devices work just as long.Therefore, in this category, the result should be drawing.

Winner: Draw.

Connectivity, system and other elements

As for water resistance, both phones meet the IP67 standard, which means that you can immerse them for 1 meter deep into no more than 30 minutes.Both phones have identical modules for LTE support and GSM networks.When it comes to connectivity, the newer phone has a bluetooth 5.0, and older Bluetooth 4.2.Telephones also have a fingerprint reader placed in the "Beginning" button, they also support Apple Pay.The iPhone 8 model can boast of supporting Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats, which his older brother cannot do.

As for communication and security standards, both phones are very similar to each other.These small differences related to playing different standards and a slightly newer version of Bluetooth technology should not be decisive.However, I decided to grant the victory to newer equipment in this category, because it will most likely receive a newer version of iOS.

Winner: iPhone 8.


And how are the prices of devices after years?The "seven" in the smallest version of memory can be bought for less than PLN 1,400, more capacious can cost about PLN 300-500 more.The prices of a newer model start from PLN 2,000.

Are these amounts for which they are worth buying?In my opinion, you can buy a phone for around PLN 1,500, which is ahead of Apple headphones by several lengths.Of course, people accustomed and working throughout the entire ecosystem from Cupertino will not convince them because they have their indisputable arguments.

It is important here, however, that the elderly, because the cheaper model, which may be less and less available, wins at this point of the list.

Winner: iPhone 7.


Well, the result seemed to be a foregoneal from the very beginning, but the iPhone 7 fought bravely.However, in spite of this result, I will say that the differences and victories of "eights" are not decisive.Categories such as the camera, connectivity and components, in fact, come down to the fact that the phone has become a little less old, but both models are quite old.

In the most important category, this price, the older model is unrivaled.So everything depends on how long you need a phone and whether you want to spend a lot of money on the iPhone 8.

Winner: iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8 – 3:6.

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