How to download and install Android 12 Developer Preview?

By Chrisfugiel

Compatible devices

The first step you should take is to get to know our updated article about the latest information about Android 12.

The planned premiere of the full version of Android 12 is to take place this summer, but it is already possible to download and install it in the test version.Android 12 Developer Preview is mainly compatible with devices from the Google Pixel series, but not all.Models from 2016 and the Pixel 2 series are not compatible with the latest version of the system.Below you will find a list of all devices from Google, which are compatible:

In addition to the Pixel series, installing the test version is also possible on Google Partners devices.The full list of partners can be found below:

Installation on Google Pixel devices

The easiest way to download Android 12 beta for Google smartphones is to register your smartphone in Android Beta for Pixel.After registration, the device will regularly receive OTA updates (over-the-air) to the latest versions of the system, including the final one.

Also check:

Registration is a simple, fast process and is recommended for users and programmers not known with the topic.In most cases, you do not have to make full reset data to switch to the beta version, but we recommend a backup before registering the device.

Flashing of the Android 12 system

An alternative method is the so -called.flash.This approach can be useful when you need more control over the tested software.The recommended method of flashing Android 12 on Pixel devices is to use the Android Flash Tool tool.

Jak pobrać i zainstalować Android 12 Developer Preview?

If you prefer to crash your device manually, you can download the system image on this page.There you will find general instructions on how to slap the system image for the device.

IMPORTANT: After uploading the beta version to a Pixel compatible device, you automatically register in OTA for all subsequent versions.

Installation on partner devices

Detailed installation instructions can be found on the partners' pages.Each of them provides a system image that can be downloaded and flashed on a compatible brand device, and some of them also offer OTA.

Partners provide technical support resources, which will help you go through the installation process - use the Get The Beta connection on this page.I combine you will lead you to the website of the selected partner, where you will find the download section and information about OTA.Each Android 12 partner in the beta version provides its own channel to report problems found on his device.

Android emulator configuration

Configuring the Android emulator is a great solution to discover new API functions and interfaces, as well as testing changes taking place in the new version of the system.The configuration is fast and convenient and allows you to emulate various screenings and device characteristics.The emulator can be configured from Android Studio, performing the following:

  1. Zainstaluj najnowszą wersję Preview programu.
  2. W Android Studio kliknij Tools > SDK Manager.
  3. Na karcie SDK Tools wybierz najnowszą wersję emulatora systemu Android i kliknij przycisk OK. Ta akcja instaluje najnowszą wersję, jeśli nie jest jeszcze zainstalowana.
  4. W Android Studio kliknij Tools > AVD Manager i postępuj zgodnie z instrukcjami, aby utworzyć nowe Android Virtual Device (AVD).

    Note that 32-bit system images are not supported in Android 12.If you do not have an Android 12 image installed yet, which fits the selected device, click Download next to the name of the release to download it.

  5. Wróć do listy urządzeń wirtualnych w AVD Menager, a następnie kliknij dwukrotnie swoje urządzenie wirtualne, aby je uruchomić.

General system image (GSI)

Generic Image (GSI) binary files are available to programmers to test the application and verify its operation on supported devices compatible with Treble.You can use these images to solve any problems with your Android 12 system, as well as detect and report problems with it before it is officially issued.

Familiarize yourself with the GSI documentation to obtain information on the device requirements and flashing instructions.When you are ready to download the GSI binary file, go to the download section on the Android 12 GSI website.

Android 12 beta version on Android TV

The beta version of Android 12 for Android TV is available via ADT-3 Developer Kit images.

To start, see android 12 beta for tv.

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