Huawei P50 is perhaps the most beautiful flagship ever! When will it debut?

Huawei P50 is perhaps the most beautiful flagship ever! When will it debut?

Huawei P50 appears as one of the best-looking smartphones in the world. The camera will also play on the nose of the competitors, but what about the official premiere?

We expected Huawei to present smartphones from the P50 series today. Official graphics showing the back cover and date of presentation appeared on the web, but the show ultimately did not take place - Huawei only admitted that presentation date has not yet been chosen.

This is bad news, which most likely indicates problems beyond the manufacturer's reach - its internal affairs have been taken care of, because the HarmonyOS system is ready, and the phone itself does not look like a prototype, but a final device.

Huawei P50 in all its glory

Huawei itself does not know when it will show us the P50, but indirectly points to US sanctions as the main reason for the delays. Nevertheless, let's focus on the flagship itself, because there is something to look at:

Huawei P50 is perhaps the most beautiful flagship in history! When will it debut?

photo. Huawei

Quad camera embedded inside a phenomenal frame is the main ace up the sleeve of the P50. Few phones look better on the back panel, and by the way, Huawei tried to be original - do you remember a similar smartphone with two circles on the back?

photo. Huawei

Huawei has not revealed anything about the technical specifications, but we can deduce the most important details from the leaks. The main camera, based on LEICA optics, is to operate with a Sony sensor with a diagonal of 1 ", which must translate into high brightness and detail - the difference compared to the competition will be felt mainly at night.

In addition, one of the P50/Pro telephoto lenses (possibly a periscope eyepiece) will vary from 18 to 125mm, indicating a 5x optical zoom. The whole thing will be complemented by a wide-angle camera and a standard portrait telephoto lens - all this packed into a light and slim housing will make an impression.

Meet HarmonyOS:

HarmonyOS officially. The last resort for Huawei in a big way

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