Top 10 features in the iPhone 12 - check what is worth using

Top 10 features in the iPhone 12 - check what is worth using

iPhone 12 is one of the most advanced smartphones on the market. In the 2020 models, Apple used a 5G network modem for the first time, but you need to know that it is not the only interesting novelty in current models. In a square housing you will find many useful solutions that make your life easier. Check which features are worth checking out.Top 10 iPhone 12 Features - Check Out What You Should Use

1. Quick setup that will save you a few hours

The first feature I would like to point out is quick setup. This solution is available on all iPhone models pre-installed with iOS 11 or later. You will probably use this option immediately after taking the device out of the box. If you have an older iPhone, it can transfer everything from it to the brand new iPhone 12 in no time.

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A feature called Quick Start will appear on your new iPhone as soon as you start it up and select your language. All you need to do is unlock and bring your old iPhone close to your new one.

2. 5G modem

A 5G modem had to be at the top of our list. Apple has been delaying the implementation of this technology for many years. iPhone 12 smartphones are the first Apple devices with a built-in 5G network modem. It allows you to use super-fast internet access with minimal delays.

5G network is now available in Poland (check our test). However, make sure you have the right tariff plan that allows you to use the 5G network. Detailed information and coverage maps can be found on the websites of operators - Plus, Play, Orange and T-Mobile.

3. Fast magnetic-wireless charging MagSafe

The models of the iPhone 12 family have built-in magnetic coils that allow you to connect accessories such as covers, car holders or dedicated wireless chargers. Thanks to the dedicated MagSafe charger, we are able to charge our iPhone at 15W.

The MagSafe charger is sold as an accessory (link). The retail price is PLN 199.

4. The refreshed camera module

iPhone 12 has a number of changes to the main camera. Smartphones have a new optical image stabilization system that improves the quality of photos taken in night mode. In addition, we will take night photos using an ultra-wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens and a selfie camera.

It is also worth noting that you can take photos in the Apple ProRAW format. This option is available on the iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max models and makes photo editing easier.

All models in the iPhone 12 family can record videos in Dolby Vision HDR and support 10-bit HDR clips.

Check out how to record in Dolby Vision HDR.

5. LiDAR in models with Pro in the name

The most expensive iPhone 12 models with Pro in the name also have an additional sensor, which is LiDAR. It allows for accurate mapping of the environment and is great when using games and applications supported by AR. LiDAR helps the camera sharpen photos after dark. We will also use it to measure distances using the built-in Measure app. With its use, we are able to accurately measure the height of a person.

6. Home screen with widgets

After years of waiting, the iOS 14 operating system that comes pre-installed on iPhone 12 smartphones has received support for widgets. They are available in three sizes - small, medium and large and significantly facilitate the use of the phone. Nothing stands in the way of checking the weather directly from the home screen.

7. Tap Back - invisible back button

Few users know that the iPhone after updating to iOS 14 allows you to activate an additional, invisible button that allows you to control the smartphone. The Tap Back feature was designed with people with disabilities in mind, but is great for everyday interaction with the device.

Tap Back allows you to turn the back of your iPhone into a programmable button with two options - triggering interaction after double and triple tap.

This solution allows you to take screenshots, lock the device or return to the home screen. There's nothing stopping you from tapping to open Notification Center and Control Center.

You can find Tap Back features in Settings > Availability > touch > Back tap.

8. Picture in Picture Support

iOS 14 also supports picture-in-picture playback. The Picture in Picture feature allows you to play a Netflix or YouTube video while using another app. A small player can be moved around the entire screen. This solution will appeal to owners of the largest model - iPhone 12 Pro Max.

9. Hiding apps will tidy up your home screen

Worried that after all the programs you use have been instantiated, your home screen will become unreadable and chaotic? Apple has a way around this. The iOS 14 operating system allows you to hide applications that we rarely use. This means that we can easily hide the headphone program or other application that we run extremely rarely.

To remove a program from your home screen, hold down its icon, click the minus sign, and select Remove from home screen. The app will still be available in the app launcher.

10. Reinforced water resistance

iPhone 12 has an IP68 (IEC 60529) water resistance rating. This year's models offer a better level of water protection. iPhone 12 can withstand immersion in water up to 6 meters deep for 30 minutes. In addition, the smartphone has a reinforced housing made of Ceramic Shield glass, which prevents breakage.

You can find all the information about the iPhone 12 here.

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