Unofficial: Xiaomi went to the "US black list". Will he share the tragic fate of Huawei?

 Unofficial: Xiaomi went to the "US black list".  Will he share the tragic fate of Huawei?

The Reuters press agency informed that, according to its sources, Xiaomi was placed on the US "black list". Does this mean that another manufacturer from China adored by Poles will be cut off, among others from Google services and applications? Not necessarily.

When Donald Trump and his administration decided to cut off Huawei from US technology two years ago because of the company's (all-alleged) collaboration with the Chinese communist government, many Geeks were shocked. Being on the wave, Huawei has lost access to Google services and applications, which for many ManiaKów are of key importance.

Until now, many people do not know whether Huawei really deserved its fate or fell victim to a political war, and soon more will join this Chinese brand. The latest US decisions on this matter are not optimistic ...

Reuters reported that the United States added several Chinese companies to the "military blacklist" which includes entities (according to the Americans) associated with the Chinese army. Among them was to be adored by many Poles Xiaomi.

Luckily for Xiaomi, this is not the same list that Huawei has hit. In this particular case, American investors cannot invest in Xiaomi and have to resell their shares, but American companies can still work with the brand.

Now the most important thing is whether the steps taken against Xiaomi are just a warning or just the beginning of further repression by the American administration. The next few weeks and the decisions made by the new US president and his people will bring us the answer.

At this point, there is nothing to worry about. However, it is necessary to carefully watch the further development of events, because the grace of the United States rides on a motley horse ...

Xiaomi's official position on this matter can be found in the entry below:

Xiaomi responds to US allegations. He claims that the great power has no basis for them

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