QLED Q80A - entertainment center for the whole family

QLED Q80A - entertainment center for the whole family

In addition, now you no longer have to wonder which seat in front of the screen will be the best. With the Wide Viewing Angle, no details will be missed when watching a movie or a match, even if we are watching them with a large group of friends and we see the TV screen from a large angle. In turn, the Image Adaptation function constantly reacts to the surrounding conditions and automatically adjusts the brightness. Thanks to this, even movies watched in natural light look great.

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Cinema sound

The visual experience is complemented by deep and rich sound. The built-in speaker system (2.2.2) will give you even more realism. An additional experience will be provided by the Sound Following Object function, which adjusts the movement of sound to the action taking place on the screen. In other words, when we see a moving plane, the sound will follow the direction of its flight.

What's more, the TV can be placed anywhere in the room and it will not affect the sound quality. The Space-Fit Sound function will take care of the optimization and generate sound perfectly suited to the room. On the other hand, if there are unwanted noises while watching a movie, such as renovations behind the wall or an electric kettle running, you no longer need to turn up the volume to hear the dialogue clearly. Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) will automatically pick up interference and raise the sound level of the content you're watching.

The Q80A also syncs easily with a Samsung Q-series soundbar. With Q-Symphony, the sound coming from the soundbar speakers is amplified by the QLED TV speakers. Now we no longer have to choose whether we use the soundbar speakers or the TV. We can use them together now. Thanks to this, we get a richer soundstage, more spatial sound, and as a result, real cinematic emotions.

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A treat for gamers

QLED Q80A - Family Entertainment Center

QLED Q80A also offers a lot of possibilities for gamers or sports enthusiasts. For example, the Advanced Motion Fluidizer+ will allow you to enjoy extremely fluid motion while watching matches or playing virtual games. Upgrading motion to 120Hz in 4K will provide improved dynamics without delays or blurring. In turn, thanks to FreeSync Premium Pro, you can forget about the inconveniences during the game, because the function reduces image tearing and noise, and also reduces input lag, which is often decisive in the final game.

This year's novelty is also the Player's Panel, which will allow you to instantly check and possibly change the TV settings without leaving the game. Now it is also possible to change the aspect ratio to 21:9 or 32:9, similar to ultra-wide gaming monitors.

Multiple applications

QLED Q80A also has solutions that will make the TV set successfully for work or remote learning. The Google Duo app makes it easy to connect with co-workers on your big TV screen. All you need to do is connect an external webcam. In turn, to transfer the screen of a computer or laptop to the TV, you can use the PC function on the TV screen and connect both devices via Wi-Fi.

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The Samsung QLED 4K TV Q80A is available in four screen sizes: 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches. It is a universal TV, prepared to change the standard of digital broadcasting of terrestrial TV signals thanks to the DVB-T2 tuner, with excellent image quality and easy-to-use fast Smart TV.

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