“My child is participating in a clinical trial of a vaccine”

“My child is participating in a clinical trial of a vaccine”

How did you find out about the clinical trial of the Covid-19 vaccine in children?

When my first daughter was born, our doctor referred us for vaccinations to Professor Hanna Czajka, who is a pediatrician and specialist in infectious diseases. We then decided to participate in a clinical trial on another preparation - a hexavalent vaccine. When at the beginning of this year I learned from the professor about the clinical trial of the Covid-19 vaccine, I immediately agreed to submit my daughter to it.

No worries?

Of course there were concerns. It was a new preparation, a new vaccine. There are concerns with every clinical trial. But even before my husband and I were vaccinated, we searched the medical literature for information on a new type of vaccine (mRNA). Moreover, the recommendation of prof. Czajki and information published by prof. Wojciech Szczeklik, unequivocally confirmed our belief that vaccination is safe. The only problem was that one of our children has allergies and we were afraid of anaphylactic shock, so we did not leave the clinic immediately after the vaccination, but waited in its premises for a certain time, as recommended. Besides, we have a pre-school child and we knew that the virus would spread in the kindergarten, because there is no way for such children to follow the hygiene regime and wear masks.

Have you been through the coronavirus?Yes, both my husband and I had Covid-19. My husband had the infection very hard, and I, to a lesser extent, did not save me from losing my sense of smell.

What does such research consist of, what do the individual stages look like?

In the clinical trial, all children were divided into two groups: a placebo group (that is, children who were given a neutral liquid) and a group of children who received the Covid-19 vaccine. Neither we nor the vaccinators knew to which group the children were assigned. My husband and I had to present for the first visit and we both had to give informed consent to participate in the study. It was necessary to read the informed consent form and, in addition, the professor went over it with us point by point. During this visit, the children were examined, blood and nasal swabs were taken. Vaccination was then performed. While they were relaxing with fairy tales after the injection, we installed applications on their mobile phones to monitor their health. At the second visit, blood was drawn again and vaccinated. Each of them has a vaccination diary: every day for two weeks after vaccination, and once a week for the next six months. If any side effects occur, of course, everything should be recorded in it and the researcher should be contacted. If there was an infection, fever, abdominal pain, joint pain, we were also supposed to write it down in the diary. Six months after the vaccination, i.e. around December 2021, we will find out whether the child is in the placebo group or has been vaccinated. Anyone who was in the placebo group can get the coronavirus vaccine, unless parents decide otherwise. Importantly, we could withdraw from the study at virtually any stage, and we still can.

What comments have you encountered in the parents' environment about vaccinations against coronavirus?

My friends were interested in taking part in the study themselves and very much regretted that there were so few places available. Some people wanted to wait a while before vaccinating their children for Covid, but basically I haven't come across a single comment condemning our choice. Most of my friends are already vaccinated and want to immunize their own children as well.

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