The new Motorola RAZR in Poland from February. We know the details, but no one gave the price

By Chrisfugiel

We just got to know the details of the Motorola RAZR folding sale. Orange became Motorola's Polish partner.

Motorola RAZR became famous thanks to two features - a folding screen and a reference to the legendary design from almost 20 years ago. The first Motorola RAZR was a phone that was thin and razor-sharp.

Specification of the new Motorola RAZR

Motorola RAZR v3 from 2020 looks no less attractive. The full specification lists:

Particularly noteworthy is the eSIM support and the proven hinge, which will provide the smartphone with remarkable durability. The mechanism was developed by Lenovo, which uses it, among others, in convertible computers from the Yoga series.

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It is worth knowing that the new RAZR was not supposed to fold right away. In this case, research into the tastes of the target users prevailed. The results made it clear: a screen around 6 inches is fine, but carrying such a phone is a huge challenge. At times it is a struggle to keep the screen intact. Especially women have a problem with this - for some reason, clothing manufacturers save on pockets in women's pants, with handbags it can also be different (I have two, which my current smartphone will not fit, the RAZR would actually work here).

Unfortunately, we cannot count on wireless charging. There is also a 3.5 mm jack socket and a slot for an additional memory card. The specification does not cause delight either, but it is not important - the Motorola RAZR will defend itself with an unusual design and style.

Nowa Motorola RAZR w Polsce od lutego. Znamy szczegóły, ale ceny nikt nie podał

Speaking of style. Exactly one thousand zlotys of Motorola RAZR v3 will be introduced to the market. On the project, Motorola collaborated with the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana.

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How much does the Motorola RAZR cost?

The price of a smartphone in Europe is 1,599 euros. In Poland, unfortunately, it will be more expensive, but the price has not been announced yet.

Motorola's partner in Poland is Orange, which is due to the need to use eSIM. We will be able to buy the brand new Motorola RAZR in the salons of the orange operator also without a contract.

Update: Orange confirmed that the smartphone will be available in Poland from February 6.

In the US, the new Motorola will be available from Verizon also from February 6. The presale of the EE offer has already started in Great Britain.

We have already had the opportunity to see how the Motorola RAZR behaves in the hand and you can see everything in the video below.

We also recorded a conference during which Motorola and Orange cooperation in the distribution of Motorola RAZR was announced.

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