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Since the keyboard and mouse, it must also be a large screen?Not necessarily, but it can be done

First of all, most of the currently produced phones can be connected to an external display and there are methods - wired and wireless.In the case of the first variant, you can use a USB -C - HDMI cable, for example TB HDMI 2.0V USB 3.1 Type C or MicroUSB - HDMI (costing literally a dozen or so zlotys), although it will only work with the support of the smartphone for the USB -OTG standard.Check your phone entry and whether it supports the on the go report - if so, you are on the right track to connect the phone to the TV or monitor.

If you already have the right cable, you can connect it to an external display and to the phone (or tablet).The device should detect the type of additional display equipment and will most likely adjust the interface for it (by entering the level).Then using the keyboard and mouse can make sense, right?

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If you do not want to use the cable, you can always use, for example,.Miracast, if your TV supports this method.However, you must remember that both the phone and the external displaying device work in the same local network.A certain problem may be some delays, which will certainly not occur when connected with a traditional cable.

There is an outer screen, it is comfortable.What about the keyboard?

In fact, a smartphone or tablet can be operated even without an additional display using a keyboard and mouse.Let's assume, however, that despite everything you connected the monitor or TV to the smartphone and thus obtained the "substitute" of the computer."Masing" with a finger on the screen is not necessarily comfortable.You will help you with a keyboard (sometimes with a mouse or trackpad in a set), which will be best connected with a Bluetooth interface.

We will now present to you the best keyboard for phones (and tablets!) With Android.We will focus mainly on those that can be connected to the device using the Bluetooth interface - some will also include trades that allow you to use the interface using a cursor that will appear after connecting the compatible indicating device.

Rapoo E6700 - trackpad and keyboard in one

Korzystaj ze swojego telefonu jak z komputera za pomocą klawiatury

It rarely happens, but indeed, the Chinese keyboard, although very good and reputable in the circle of such accessories of the manufacturer turned out to be the best in our list.In the set you will find not only the key panel, but also...A trackpad that functions as a mouse.So you can easily use two equipment for introducing commands in your smartphone or tablet.The price may be a bit scared, but believe us that it is worth getting interested in this proposal.We highly recommend!

Rapoo E6700 - price ok.180 zlotys

Gembird KB-BT-001-Tania, but worth attention

Slightly less demanding users and those who simply do not like to spend a lot of money on accessories can easily be interested in this product.In the set we get a fairly ordinary keyboard, unfortunately without a trackpad or a dedicated mouse, but it captivates primarily with the quality of workmanship, compatibility with various devices and the price.You will pay for this equipment below PLN 50.Really worth.

Gembird KB-BT-01-price ok.PLN 40

Omega OKB003 41419 - especially recommended for tablet owners

This omega keyboard is dedicated to owners of all tablets, and it can also be connected to a TV with Android TV, a smartphone and a PC computer.The battery is enough for a really long time and recharging its stocks will not be a common obligation - usually enough for at least a few days of continuous work.The equipment communicates with mobile devices using the Bluetooth interface, and its price is about PLN 90.

Omega OKB003 41419 - Price OK.PLN 90

Logitech Bluetooth Multi Device Keyboard - created for use on many devices

If you want to use one keyboard on several devices at the same time, then the Logitech will be the most convenient for you.The keyboard can be connected at the same time with up to three different devices and switch between them with one finger press.It will be incredibly useful if at the same time you want to use it on a TV, tablet and PC.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi Device Keyboard K480 - Price OK.190 zlotys

Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop - road, but uncompromising

This is the most expensive device in our list.Not without reason, because not only that we are dealing with top equipment from Microsoft, it also connects with other devices completely wirelessly, works on the battery extremely long and offers great quality of workmanship.We will use it on the PC and on TV, tablet, smartphone...wherever the Bluetooth interface is current.It would be the best proposal were it not for the fact that it is incredibly expensive equipment.

Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop - Price OK. 3PLN 40

Now you know how to use the mouse and keyboard on the Android device

If you are interested in full versatility, the keyboard from Rapoo will satisfy your expectations.For less demanding, equipment from Gembird is intended - after all, you will also be satisfied.The Omega keyboard will be especially useful to tablets owners, and this from Logitech to all those who want to use several devices at the same time within one keyboard at the same time.The proposal from Microsoft is already a premium class product - the lack of compromises compensates for a very high price.

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Foto: Komputer Świat

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