Another new feature in iOS 13: play your own videos in full screen

Another new feature in iOS 13: play your own videos in full screen

Owners of the latest iPhone models have so far been able to watch the videos they recorded only on a part of the screen, because it is wider than the recorded material. Thanks to the changes in the Photos application that the latest version of iOS brings, it is possible to correct the recording in such a way that it fills the entire display.Another New in iOS 13: Play Custom Videos in Full Screen


Of course, the current software of Apple smartphones allows you to fill the entire screen with the gesture of "extending" your fingers. Such a procedure, however, causes that a large part of the frame is omitted, and image degradation visible to the naked eye may also occur. The reason for this phenomenon is the resolution at which Apple devices record video. It is standard 16:9. The screens of the latest iPhones (X and newer) have an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9, so watching movies is accompanied by black bars on the left and right of the image.


The only way to watch videos in full screen without loss of quality is to adapt the video resolution to the aspect ratio of the screen using the cropping function, just like with photos. Until now, however, video trimming was not available on iOS without the use of additional tools. The thirteenth version of the system, in the Photos application, provides an appropriate solution, so the user can independently decide to trim the recorded material.

For this you need to:

A video edited this way should fill more of the screen than a 16:9 video. It is worth mentioning that this procedure is used more and more often, e.g. by famous YouTubers. The wider picture allows you to get an experience similar to watching a movie in the cinema.

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The inability to set the perfect aspect ratio of 19.5:9 requires a lot of accuracy from the user, which is a big inconvenience. It remains to be hoped that Apple will decide to provide in one of the updates the ability to trim videos to the required aspect ratio or change the aspect ratio of the recording in the system settings.

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