Hackers have created their mCitizen. Be careful not to download it!

Hackers have created their mCitizen. Be careful not to download it!

You have an Android smartphone and received a text message encouraging you to download the mObywatel application? Do not click on it under any circumstances! It's a dangerous virus.

The mObywatel application met with great interest from Poles - no wonder, after all, it is a convenient alternative, thanks to which we can save ourselves carrying even a dozen or so documents with us.

In mObywatel we will use digital versions of such documents as e.g. ID card, driving license, student ID card, large family card or, recently, vaccination certificate.

Unfortunately, the growing popularity of mObywatel (over three million downloads) is also associated with the growing interest in the hacker application. They see it as a chance to take over a lot of Poles' data.

Hackers have created their mCitizen. Be careful not to do not download it!

photo. CERT

Fake SMS from mObywatel

If you have recently received a message with a link encouraging you to download mObywatel, under no circumstances should you click on it. This link takes you to a fake page that has nothing to do with the real application - it is actually the Alien banking Trojan.

Alien is a mutation of the popular Cerberus. It allows e.g. to display the overlays. This happens, for example, when using banking applications, where the login credentials entered automatically go to the thieves. Alien can also do much more - he also sends them text messages (including the code to carry out a bank transaction).

– informs Orange.

photo. CERT

As reported by Orange, the malicious site is now suspended. However, this does not mean that hackers will not try more tricks in the near future. This time, they only attacked users of Android smartphones, but owners of Apple devices should also be careful.

The only proper places to download mObywatel are the official Google and Apple store.

Everyone wants a Galaxy Watch 4? It sells like hotcakes in Poland!

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