Sufficient enemy of the new one?

By Chrisfugiel

After the first autumn Apple Event I ordered a belt.Yes - belt.In Marigold, which in Poland, not to know why, was translated as "honey".It's such a flower, by the way.So the belt - another for my collection.Others buy stamps.No - I didn't buy a new phone, tablet or watch again.I think I fallen out for good from the Apple's exemplary customer profile.And, I must admit, I feel good with it.

This article comes from the archival Imagazine 10/2021

California Dream?

When Pandemia broke out, Apple was forced to come up with its presentations again.And it was not only about their form or implementation, but about the whole.Public appearances are an integral unity of the place, narratives and technical aspects, set in the common denominator of the story.And you have to admit that Apple has done a small miracle here.

The way their presentations are currently being implemented are rubbed against perfection straight from Hollywood.Nevertheless, in the case of the last Apple Event, I noticed that they were starting to fall into their own trap.Everything is sleek, beautiful and dynamic, but it begins to lack in this old, man spirit.It will not be replaced by learned or even real smiles of the company's leaders.Dynamic sequences of cyclists rushing through American wilderness or effective falls and landing in sand.Similarly, the story itself, although probably very catching the hearts of California, was rather a exaggerated laurel for the rest of the world this time.

"California is a place for people with great dreams.For those who want to change the world.We are proud that this state is our home ".

The above sentence summed up the whole opening best.At least for me.Anyway, applause for creativity.

Like the creators of the content on Apple TV+, and actually to the people responsible for killing the market with many labels, from which the great Apple productions have recently started to acquire.Praised by almost everyone (including me) "Ted Lasso", which is today the most titled series of all time, was produced by Warner Bros.We remember that.Of course, with the help of dollars trucks provided by Apple.However, if the future of a bitten VOD platform is to be marked by similar quality of cooperation, I don't mind.

Sufficient enemy of the new one?

 Sufficient enemy of the new one?

No.At least not for me, because I really like the current situation in which Apple doesn't count much for new equipment, but this expenditure is spread over a long time.I have an iPhone 11 PRO (in a beautiful, late shade of allspice green), which will remain my phone for the third year and I really don't know what will have to happen, so that I would feel the need to change it.Amateur filming and taking pictures?It works well for me too much.Speed, appearance, everything else?Currently, all these things are about two levels above my requirements.And you know that I have been a person who has been associated with the brand for over 11 years and exchanged the phone every year.In 2022 I will only replace the battery.Nothing more.

The situation is similar with the watch.A year ago I chose a steel model (because aluminum would not be able to survive intensive sports), in a beautiful graphite shade and after the last presentation I know that it was a good decision.I can easily wait for model 8.I could have much longer, but due to the depreciation of the expenditure when changing it is the most reasonable to replace this product every two years (to be able to sell the previous model at a reasonable price).This way works great to me.And the new Series 7?Well - an evolution that lacked changes in two areas: power and medical functions.So the situation is comfortable for me - I know what my next watch will look like and I am glad that it will not be angular.It will have a larger screen - great - and more durable glass - even better - and for the rest I have to wait a year.It suits me.

As for the iPad - I have a PRO model in the highest configuration from 2020.And I will say it again - this equipment will be my basic mobile computer calmly by 2023.I have a few friends who took models with M1 processors and still cannot show me one application in which this power is useful.I changed from the iPad Pro 10.5 ", so the jump in performance, screen and in all other aspects he was enormous for me.I am editing movies in Luma Fushion, podcasts in Ferrite and works as I expect.Another good investment, which has already earned on herself, and now gives a large buffer of peace for years.I even ignore that I bought it a new one at a very bargain price.

Mother. No to na liście pozostał Mother. iMother.I am waiting for the PRO models that will be able to offer me a diagonal close to 30 ''.Then, after 6.5 years with my current 4K IMAK (which I significantly expanded when he was 3 years old) I will not have resistance to replace the home workstation.Probably for a strong configuration that will serve me for the next 6-8 years.Looking at what Silicon from Apple can do, I aim at another record and a computer for 7-8 years.

The world is coming to Poland again

Nostety, najciekawszych dla mnie nowości, w które Apple inwestuje ogromne pokłady pieniędzy, nie ma w Polsce.The changes that the California company presented during the September Apple Event in the Apple Fitness+service are impressive.This is the fulfillment of the dreams of many people who have been taking care of their physical condition every day for many years.With stubbornness and a maniac regime.They practice at home and outside, and after 2020 more often in this first location.They pay huge money to trainers who also pay a lot to platforms and services to be able to carry out online training.And these platforms, messengers or services leave much to be desired.

And this is the solution.There are whole groups of fantastic people and enthusiasts who would gladly share their profit from Apple, entered a modern studio, say in the capital of their country to record a series of training or to run them live.They would give more than 30% of earnings to be part of the experience offered by the fitness+ service and I know it directly from such people.But they cannot. No tu.And not in many places in the world except the United States and Great Britain.It is a pity, because it is a change in the world that Apple announces straight from California and which probably only has the right to work there.