iOS 14: new settings for wallpapers and the main screen

iOS 14: new settings for wallpapers and the main screen

The screenshot of the upcoming iOS 14 system leaked, which show new settings for wallpapers and widgets for the main screen.

9to5MAC announced last month that Apple is working on a redesigned panel of wallpaper settings in the iOS (and implicitly iPados), which contains images separated by category.Yesterday, Twitter user, @donglebookpro, published screenshots with a new wallpaper panel with iOS 14 in action.

They confirm what 9to5Mac found in the iOS 14 system code.There is also a function of a wallpaper collection. Należą do nich „Classic Stripes”, „Earth & Moon” oraz „Flowers”.This is to ensure their better organization.Instead of showing all the wallpapers together, users will be able to scroll in each collection to find more easily the wallpaper.

The screenshot also revealed the new option "The appearance of the main screen", which is similar to the watch shield settings in the Apple Watch application.After turning it on.

 iOS 14: Nowy panel ustawień dla tapet oraz ekranu głównego

9to5Mac found evidence in the iOS 14 code, indicating something even bigger.The new function is to be currently called "Avocado" and is associated with the Springboard application that controls the main screen.Could widgets appear on iOS instead of pinned widgets, such as on iPados 13, new widgets in iOS 14 can be moved like any application icon.And just like in Android for years.This function is still implemented and Apple can still withdraw from it at any time.

Hey @everyApplepro, @Maxwinebach Said You Like Wallpapers Pic.twitter.com/4p8brmzcki

- Dongle (@donglebookpro) April 4, 2020

The new iOS is also to contain one function, which a substitute has been implemented many times by Third-Part Developers.I am talking about the possibility of setting the background photo for the lock screen and its flat or blurred version on the main screen.The question is whether the system will introduce the blur effect itself, e.g..In any selected photo from Photos?If so, I will say briefly - finally!If not and the case breaks only on the default collection of wallpapers than Apple - it will always be something better than we have so far, but still not what many of us expect.The issue of new settings is inextricably linked to the potential introduction of widgets, the details of which must be visible, and imposed on a regular photo could lose readability.We will learn everything soon, during the remote WWDC 2020, at the beginning of June.

source 9to5mac.com, macrumors.com

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