iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini: There is no revolution, but there is no profession

By Chrisfugiel

Will the thirteen be unlucky?Certainly not in the case of Apple.We just saw the latest phones: iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, of course with 5G and the new Apple A15 Bionic processor.

It is rare for Apple to brag about the interior of its devices, but here was an interesting opportunity for it.Once again, Apple boasts recycled materials, including re -processed plastic at the antennas.From the outside, the design is not much different from the previous generation, although ... you certainly can't be mistaken.The latest iPhone has cameras laid diagonally on an island with a square shape.

The new iPhone is of course the new A15 Bionic processor.Consists of a 6-core CPU and 4-core GPU.Apple argues that the CPU will be up to half faster than the best competitors.In tasks requiring the processing of graphics A15 Bionic is to leave the rest by 30%.I have no reason not to believe it after I saw the power of M1 Apple systems with my own eyes.

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In terms of apple photography.The new iPhone will get a 12-megapixel main camera with a 7-element lens with f/1.6 brightness.This is the one in the lower right corner of the island.During the presentation, Apple showed the amazing capabilities of this camera in the field of filming and depth control.The filming mode is able to follow the actors and even focus on the person who is looking at the camera if there are more in the frame.Of course, there is also manual control with the ability to control all manually.The whole is complemented by optical image stabilization, inherited from the iPhone 12 Pro model, using a movable camera matrix.It is accompanied by an ultra -pitched apparatus, also with a 12 Mpix matrix.There was also a third 12 Mpix camera with additional sensors needed to support the face ID.

How will it be with the battery?iPhone 13 is a lighter OLED screen, faster 5g and a stronger chip than the iPhone 12.What does it mean?Paradoxically, that it will stand without a charger longer than the iPhone 12.Apple has placed larger batteries here.In the case of the iPhone 13 mini, it promises up to 2.5 hours of intensive use longer than the iPhone 12 mini would withstand.The automatic switching to LTE helps in this when 5G speeds are not needed.Very practical!

iPhone 13 i iPhone 13 mini: nie ma rewolucji, ale nie ma też zawodu

Of course, the iPhone 13 is waterproof and records 4K HDR movies, ready for professional processing.Magsafe's communication has been unchanged, so existing magnetic accessories will match it.For more demanding users, of course, an iPhone 13 Pro with three cameras and the ability to record movies in Apple Prores format.I think filmmakers will be delighted with this model.However, it is worried that Apple has not yet announced the premiere of the iOS 15 system.

Availability and price

The presale of the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini will start on September 17, 2021 at 14:00, while regular sales will start on September 24 this year.In Poland, we will pay from 3599 PLN for the iPhone 13 Mini 128 GB, for PLN 4099 for a 256 GB variant, up to PLN 5099 for the 512 GB version.iPhone 13 with analogous memory size costs PLN 4,199, PLN 4699 and PLN 5699, respectively.

Kup teraz - zapłać później
wrzesień 2021 140 g, 7.65 mm grubości
6 GB RAM128 GB, (opcje: 256 GB, 512 GB)-od 3599,00 zł na 12 Mpix + 12 Mpix + 12 Mpix
5.4" - OLED (1080 x 2340 px, 477 ppi)
Apple A15 BioniciOS 15
2438 mAh, Lightning Zobacz pełną specyfikację telefonu Apple iPhone 13 miniKup teraz - zapłać później
wrzesień 2021 173 g, 7.65 mm grubości
6 GB RAM128 GB, (opcje: 256 GB, 512 GB)-od 4199,00 zł na 12 Mpix + 12 Mpix + 12 Mpix
6.1" - OLED (1170 x 2532 px, 457 ppi)
Apple A15 BioniciOS 15
3240 mAh, Lightning Zobacz pełną specyfikację telefonu Apple iPhone 13

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Source of text: Apple, Wł.

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