iPhone 14 without an indentation in the screen more and more likely.What else is Apple preparing?

iPhone 14 without an indentation in the screen more and more likely.What else is Apple preparing?

Even before the premiere of the iPhone 13, there were rumors that next year's model would have a very changed look.Their source, however, was Jon Prosser, or YouTuber with a very debatable reputation.His account has a lot of proven leaks, as well as those that turned out to be completely shot.

Teraz swoje 3 grosze dorzuca jednak Ming-Chi Kuo — ceniony analityk, który w temacie Apple'a myli się wyjątkowo rzadko.Also in his opinion, next year's iPhone 14 will have a screen with a small open camera hole instead of a large indentation.

iPhone 14 Pro with Face ID under the screen?There are basically no technical contraindications

Leaks show that while the selfie camera itself would be placed in a hole known from many smartphones, the sensors responsible for face recognition are to be embedded under the display and invisible.

Is something like this possible from a technical point of view?Of course.There are already several smartphones with screen cameras on the market, and the Face ID technology is less demanding in this respect.

iPhone 14 bez wcięcia w ekranie coraz bardziej prawdopodobny. Co jeszcze szykuje Apple?

The 20-megapixel camera in Xiaomi Mix 4 has 20 million photosensitive points, each of which must record 3 basic colors and generate the image as the nicest to the eye.And all this based on the light squeezing through the blank pixels of the display.

The Face ID face recognition system is based on the projection and position detection of just 30,000 points, so the required detail is many times lower.In addition, Apple does not have to worry about the resulting streaks, a foggy image and other imperfections, because what the scanner sees is not intended for the user's eyes.The system must only recognize the shape of the face.

Remember that before the first smartphones with cameras under the screens appeared, the fingerprint screen readers had already hit the thatched roofs.The optical from a technical point of view are also only cameras, but their quick implementation was possible, because manufacturers do not have to worry about the quality of photos.

However, it is said that the screen face ID is to be reserved for the iPhone 14 Pro.The basic variant is to remain at the indentation.

iPhone 14 Pro can also get a new 48 Mpix camera

If these reports are confirmed, Apple will increase the camera's resolution for the first time since 2015.Then the iPhones jumped from 8 to 12 Mpix.

It is possible that the increase in the number of pixels is dictated by the desire to add the option to record movies in 8K.This resolution is slowly becoming a standard in the Android Premium segment.

Other data provided by Ming-Chi KUO coincide with previous leaks.According to them, in 2022 it will appear:

Thus, the MINI variant is to fly out of the offer.

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