Replacing the iPhone 13 display is almost impossible.Authorized service or dustbin

Replacing the iPhone 13 display is almost impossible.Authorized service or dustbin
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Maciej Gajewski06 listopada 2021

The so -called right to repair yourself is a concept so far, not a real law.Apple clearly does not intend to bow to lobbyists.Designed the iPhone 13 display so that its repair outside the Apple service was close to the impossible.

dołącz do dyskusji

Right to repair.Right to repair) is an idea for forcing devices design manufacturers so that users can, if possible, repair them themselves or with the help of qualified professionals - and not only by paid service services of the equipment manufacturer.For now, however, no country has fully introduced this concept.Despite this, many companies undergo public pressure and are more and more boldly designing their products so that their service is possible simple.Apple clearly has other plans.

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According to the professional analysis of the iFixit team, the display in the iPhone 13 is extremely difficult to repair.Requires absurd precision when micro -leafing due to the tiny size integrated system, which is responsible for the operation of the face recognition mechanism.This one is soldered to the display, so if necessary replacement, the service technician must separate the system from the broken display, and then very precisely connect it with the new.

iPhone 13 without a face ID after replacing the display in an unauthorized service.

So how are Apple service technicians?As IFIXIT notes, they have special software, which, being paired with Apple's online services inaccessible to all, can authorize any new display.This software is not available for download or purchase.

Considering the fact that the display is the most frequently breaking element of the phone - most often as a result of falls or other mechanical injuries - as well as the fact that the iPhone is one of the most popular phones on the market, Apple's decision will affect the industry of electronic equipment services very adversely on the industry.Service points are not able to compete with Apple service services - they can repair the display, but in return they will reflect the phone with a non -working face ID mechanism.

iPhone 13 is for today the only phone on the market that uses this type of protection against unauthorized service.

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