TestSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G is an elegant folder for each Samsung Galaxy Congout with Flip 3 5G

TestSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G is an elegant folder for each Samsung Galaxy Congout with Flip 3 5G

Samsung Galaxy z Flip 3 5G to najtańszy składany smartfon w asortymencie marki, a do tego jeszcze najtańszy na rynku. Ma sporo dobrego i nowatorskiego do zaoferowania, a pokusa zakupu jest naprawdę ogromna. Czy jednak chłodne kalkulacje także przemawiają za zakupem?TEST | Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G to elegancki składak na każdą kieszeń Samsung Galaxy z Flip 3 5G

Samsung Galaxy from Flip 3 5G is not a cheap smartphone, because its price is close to five thousand zlotys, although it is much cheaper than its predecessor.Plus it has a lot of new products, for which you do not have to pay extra, and this is a big surprise.

A delightful screen deigning us with juicy colors and quick refreshment, an excellent fingerprint reader placed on the right side, waterproof housing, as well as extraordinary design.

What else will this smartphone offer us?What are the disadvantages, and what are the advantages?Ahead of you Test Galaxy with Flip 3 5G after over three weeks.

Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G

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Specyfikacja Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G

Dane podstawowe
Wymiary72 x 166 x 6.9 mm
Waga183 g
Standard simnanoSIM + eSIM, Dual SIM
Data premiery2021
TypDynamic AMOLED 2X 6.7'', rozdzielczość 2640x1080, 426 ppi
Kluczowe podzespoły
SoCQualcomm Snapdragon 888
Procesor2.8 GHz, 8 rdzeni (1x Kryo 680 + 2x Kryo 680 + 4x Kryo 680)
GPUAdreno 660
Bateria3300 mAh
Obsługa kart pamięciNIE
PortyUSB (3.0 typu C, obsługuje OTG)
Pamięć użytkowa128/256 GB
System operacyjny
WersjaAndroid, One UI 3.1.1
Transmisja danych5G
WIFI802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax (2,4 GHz i 5 GHz)
Bluetooth5.1, A2DP, LE
Aparat fotograficzny
Główny12 MP, wideo, 60 kl/s, lampa błyskowa, dodatkowy aparat -12MP
Dodatkowy10 MP, wideo 4K (3840x2160), 30 kl/s

Appearance and executionHuge progress compared to its predecessor

Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.pl

Undoubtedly, Samsung Galaxy from Flip 3 5G looks very good and certainly stands out from the background of standard smartphones.It is quite small after folding, but fat.However, after opening, hellishly long and slender at the same time.So long enough that with a comfortable one -hand service there is no question of at all.

There is also no chance to open it with one hand, because the hopper resists, and there is a fear of damage to it.So opening Galaxy with Flip 3 5G in the spectacular style of old smartphones Razr is not an option until the hinge does not make a dream.And now the specifics.

The body and smartphone hinge are made of material that Samsung defines as an armor aluminum.This is undoubtedly a lot of progress towards its predecessor, because the Galaxy from Flip3 5G is now even more durable, and much more pleasant to the touch.

Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.pl

Bearing in mind new products, it is worth adding that this is the first folding smartphone on the market that meets the IP water resistance standards.It has been provided with a degree of protection of IPX8, and therefore should survive the immersion up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1.5 m.

Of course, the hinge is still self -cleaning (the housing is not dustproof), which I found out in the first hours of use, when I heard strange crunching caused by the pending of the sand particles to the hinge.After a few openings and closures, Galaxy with Flip 3 5G worked quietly again.

The main display has been secured with a new protective film, which is smooth, thanks to which the finger slide is appropriate.In addition, according to the manufacturer, it is 80% more durable than the one from the first generation flip and was assessed at 2000,000 bends.However, it still does not resemble a phone call with a glass screen.This flexion is very noticeable under the finger and sometimes makes it difficult to select the text or click.

The outer part of the smartphone was covered with Gorilla Glass Victus, the latest and most durable glass of Corning.The same applies, of course, the external super amoled display with a diagonal 1.9 inch, which was placed in the upper part of the black belt, along with two lenses.The large size of this screen now allows you to see even more.

Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.pl

One touching of the outer screen will display the clock, and two times offers the possibility of moving on a fast menu and displaying a pet, if you set such a clock widget.Shift to the left will display notifications.You can now see up to four lines of the text at once, and notifications can be rewilled.By moving your finger, you can control the brightness and change the sound profile.By moving to the right, we get access to the widgets of: music player, alarm, timer, weather, as well as a schedule.

At the end of discussing this screen, I will add that in order to answer the notification, you need to open with Flip 3 5G.

ScreenRefreshing 120Hz and much more

Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.pl

The Galaxy with Flip 3 5G focused on the Super Dynamic AMOLED 2x display, which is characterized by a diagonal of 6.7 "and FullHD+resolution, and more precisely 2640 x 1080 pixels.With such characteristics, a 22: 9 panel has adequate pixel density for inch and offers a sharp image, and it is clearly narrower and longer than 21: 9 screens.It is worth adding here that the proportions of the screen have translated into the entire structure, thanks to which the smartphone is quite narrow and even brilliantly lies in the hand.

Added to this is the adaptive refreshment of the screen in 120Hz.Thanks to this refreshment of movies and games, and even just moving around the interface look much better and smoother than in the case of traditional 60Hz (the difference is visible to the naked eye), which we can turn on, by the way.The smoothness of refreshment in games can be seen beautifully, where the whole animation flows, and something as strengthening does not occur.And in the case of standard 60Hz and yes.

One of the things that remained from the original flip is to bend in the middle of the display.It is still noticeable and noticeable when we scroll in content, even if it is not visible all the time.Image distortion is particularly visible in sunlight.

Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.pl

Without a doubt, this is a brilliant panel that generates lush vivid colors.The viewing angles themselves, as befits the OLED screen, are appropriate.Brightness levels are also very good.Automatic brightness regulation makes the backlight conquered and significantly compared to manual.Even in full sun on the screen you can see practically everything, no matter what action we perform.The minimum backlight is also great.

The screen colors depend on the mode we choose, and we have two at our disposal.Natural, which faithfully reflects reality, so it is by far the best option for fans of good color calibration.Meanwhile, lively turns up the colors in a decisive way, but certainly unsweetened, and in addition allows you to change the color temperature.

The screen software, of course, contains a blue light filter (you can control the severity of the yellow color yourself, and decide if the filter is to activate according to the scheduled schedule).

By default, Always on Display, which displays notifications on a blank screen.The screen can display a clock, calendar or battery charge level.Added to this is the possibility of personalization by choosing the right motif or setting colors.

It is also worth mentioning the adaptation of the brightness, control of the music player.Always on Display can be displayed all the time, when you tap into the screen or at certain times.I will add that Samsung has not forgotten about the night mode, which has a positive effect not only on our eyesight, but also on energy consumption.

BatteryShort working time and it's fast (slow) charging

Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.pl

Two batteries with a total capacity of 3300 mAh with support for 15W charging technology are responsible for the working time.It would seem that the capacity is sufficient, but it is quite different.

Unfortunately, the smartphone is unable to stand the full day away from the charger.It is not even justified by the active LTE connection and the adaptive refreshment of the 120Hz screen.The display is then turned on by around 3.5 hours, although more often it happened that these results were at the level of three hours.If you decide to use WiFi almost all day, you can count on additional minutes on the screen on, assuming that the backlight management is automatically regulated by the existing light sensor.

Samsung Galaxy from Flip 3 supports 15 W charging, as well as wireless charging and reverse wireless charging.Unfortunately, there is no power supply in the sales set, so you need to have your own or induction charger for wireless charging.

It takes about 120 minutes to supplement the energy to 100%.Therefore, the competition is very far away and I don't even mean flagship.For example, Realme GT Master Edition with a 4300 mAh battery and 65W charging regains energy in just over half an hour.There is a difference, right?

CameraTwo quite sensible lenses

Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.pl

Samsung again decided to use a set of two lenses, thanks to which we can take traditional photographs, as well as with a wide angle.The main camera is a 12-megapixel model with Dual Pixel technology, characterized by a large size of a single pixel (1.4µm) and optical image stabilization (OIS).An additional lens for wide -angle photos with a field of view of 123 ° has twelve million pixels, light f/2.2.The size of the pixel is 1.12µm.Unfortunately, there was no focus measurement sensor here.

Samsung has not decided to use a telephoto lens, which means that we do not have an optical rapprochement and the background blur is software instead of hardware.Thus, we have a set that is very well known to Galaxy owners from Flip 5G from 2020.

main camera

main camera

It is impossible to hide that this smartphone takes sensible quality photographs that look really good with the daylight.They are characterized by a large number of details as well as an unbuttoned tonal range.The machine manages perfectly and very well manages white balance, contrast, as well as sometimes exposure and focusing.In addition, the automatic HDR is not aggressive in any way and fills its task well.

→ candy see photos in full resolution ←ract

Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G In the case of night scenery, it is not doing so well and you can see how it stands out from the flagships.When the amount of light is heavily limited in the pictures you can see noise, and the detail itself is not the best.And although it is better than in the case of the predecessor, thanks to another calculation unit, you can expect something more.So if the photographic capabilities of the smartphone are the main priority for you, this is not the best choice.

It is also worth adding that the camera is doing quite well with the portrait mode, cutting the background from the photographed person or object nicely.The blurring intensity can be controlled by a dedicated slider, and you can also choose the effect.

However, photos taken with a wide angle lens look nice, although it is clearly seen that the colors in the pictures are sometimes artificially conquered.However, it looks really good and I strongly appreciate the presence of this camera.You still have to remember that only with favorable lighting conditions you will take a good shot.

wide angle

Videos can be recorded in many resolutions.However, it is worth remembering that some functions are turned off when using the maximum resolution and at 60 kl./s.Added to this is the Super Slow-Motion mode, which allows you to record 960 frames per second in HD resolution, and therefore 1280 x 720 pixels.

As for the overall video quality, I don't have any reasons to complain about.We get a liquid video with good detail and sharpness.The stabilizer performs without reservations, thanks to which it effectively reduces vibrations, and autofocus is perfectly firing the forefront.I also have no objections to the quality of the sound recorded.

The dedicated camera application is very extensive, thanks to which we get all the necessary photography modes, as well as several accessories.After the interface, we move by moving your finger on the screen, thus changing the modes.There are quite a lot of them: photos, video, very slow pace, slow pace, portrait mode, food, night mode, also pro mode for photos and video.The latter is well developed and allows, among others, manual change of aperture.

The front camera has 10MP with a lens aperture f/2.4.Added to this is automatic HDR, screen lighting, video materials in 4K resolution, as well as background blur and night mode.The quality of the photos themselves is at a good level.

It is also worth adding that the external screen can be used as a preview of the main camera, thanks to which it is possible, among others, to take a selfie with a main camera.

Performance and systemI have no objections.My wife also 🙂

Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.pl

Samsung Galaxy from Flip 3 5G is equipped with one of the most efficient systems, namely Snapdragon 888.Added to this is 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB UFS 3 memory.1.I received a tax option for testing.

I will allow myself to point out that the smartphone has not received a microSD card slot, and therefore it is not possible to expand the built -in memory.Therefore, it is worth thinking before making a decision to buy.

Therefore, we get a typical flagship set of components, which during everyday use does not give absolute reasons to complain.I will only add that the same is in the standard version of the Galaxy S21.

RAM management also does not give reason to complain.The vast majority of applications are able to work for a long time in the background and you can quickly come back to them.On the other hand, a dedicated graphics system copes well with all games available in the Google store and at the highest settings.

The phone after removing from the box works under the control of the One UI 3 interface.1.1, which is based on the Android 11 system with the level of security from July this year.So it has slightly outdated software.The overlay offers only useful solutions and a transparent look.

In the settings you can adjust which applications are to work in FLEX mode, i.e. when the phone is half complex and looks like a laptop.The number of applications that use it has been increased compared to previous smartphones in this series.Unfortunately, some applications move the application window only upstairs, without offering any additional functions.Others (including Samsung gallery), have not been fully optimized.

The software also includes:

Of course, there is also a panel at the edge.It is a set of cards with quick access to contacts, applications, intelligent selection (it allows you to make a screenshot, you can find the option of cutting the screenshot area, or the ability to rip the screen), as well as many others.

EquipmentGreat stereo reader and speakers

It is equipped with a single connector in the Nano SIM standard, ESIM support and 5G modem.Added to this is the 802 two -band WiFi module.11 A/B/G/N/AC/AX (2.4 and 5 GHz, He80, despite, 1024-Qam-up to 1.2GBPS download / sending), Bluetooth 5.0, as well as GPS from Galileo as well as NFC.Importantly, each of the mentioned elements works completely without any problems.

I have no objections to making voice calls and their quality.The smartphone does not lose range, the sound is sufficiently loud, and the microphones collect well.

Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.pl

There are two stereo speakers - one is multimedia, while the other is also a speaker for conversations.From this set, a warm and rich sound color and an adequate volume.The maximum volume is at the appropriate level.Remember that the speaker on the lower edge has more power and it is audible - he is the bass in this duet.

The fingerprint reader placed on the right side of the Galaxy with Flip 3 5G is perfect.Its speed of operation as well as effectiveness are at the highest level, so that you want to use it.My honorable spouse, believes that the reader is gently too high.

SummaryIs it worth buying Samsung Galaxy from Flip 3 5G?

Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.pl

Samsung Galaxy from Flip 3 solves many problems that the first Galaxy from Flip struggled with, and it is cheaper than the 5G variant put on sale in 2020.This is without a doubt a big step forward and a nod to a slightly less wealthy customer.

And although there are many more interesting smartphones in terms of market specification and at a lower price, the Galaxy from Flip 3 5G offers something innovative compared to standard devices to which we are so used to.

Undoubtedly, when you decide on Galaxy with Flip 3, you have to be aware of its imperfections, because in any other case you can feel disappointed.Especially having in mind the working time on a single charging cycle, as well as the lack of telephoto lens, slow charging and a felt flexion of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.plSamsung Galaxy with Flip 3 5G / photo.gsmmaniak.pl

Ocena końcowa testu [1-10]: 8.5


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