We say goodbye to Google Play music.The company wraps the service

We say goodbye to Google Play music.The company wraps the service

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Google Play music will go down in history, but the company already has a deputy for it.

Usługa Muzyka Google Play została uruchomiona w listopadzie 2011 roku i była serwisem podobnym do Spotify czy Tidala — użytkownicy mogli strumieniować muzykę w ramach abonamentu. Wygląda na to, że nie wygrała z konkurencją — Google planuje ją zamknąć.

You can only listen to Google Play music until the end of the year

The official announcement reads that Google Play music will be slowly turned off in the coming months.

New Zealand and southern Africa will go first, which will have to say goodbye to the service in September.However, the company wants to give users time to transfer its music library to YouTube Music, which is to be the successor.Songs, playback lists and other content will not be deleted until December 2020.Then the service is to be completely closed.

Żegnamy Muzykę Google Play. Firma zawija usługę

Transfer of music from Google Play music can be done with a dedicated tool.

Google has probably been preparing for this step before, introducing the possibility of moving music between websites.The company ensures that the entire available offer of Google Play music will be available in the resources of the successor.

Google is constantly developing YouTube Music.It boasts redesigning the playback interface, the new Explore tab with new products or improvements on the operation of playback lists.Integration with Google maps and an assistant is also planned to give the user recommendations on request.

Are there readers using Google Play music among us?Let me know in the comments if you will miss the service.


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